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Saturday, July 30 2016 @ 01:18 AM EDT
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Mountain Island Lake Gets 24-Hour TowBoatUS Coverage

On the Water Assistance When You Need It

CHARLOTTE, NC, July 15, 2014 – For years, boaters and anglers stuck with a dead battery, dead engine or empty fuel tank out on Mountain Island Lake had to hope that someone would get them back to the boat launch or dock. That’s because the lake had no around-the-clock on water boat towing service. Local law enforcement only patrolled the lake on weekends and provided tows, which was also likely not the best use of the officer’s time or taxpayer dollars. That has all changed with the opening of TowBoatUS Mountain Island Lake, a 24-hour on water towing and assistance service for routine breakdowns. The new location is the third for Capt. Derek DeBord and his wife, Cheryl, who are owners of nearby TowBoatUS Lake Wylie and TowBoatUS Lake Norman.

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The Top Companies to Work for in Texas

Texas is not only the biggest state in the country, but it is filled with numerous companies that are great to work for and make it into the top 50 places to work in the country every year. This year, there are a plethora of Texas-based companies that made the list and are always hiring highly skilled employees.

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Good Guy Greg and Scumbag Steve Memes

The Good Guy Greg and Scumbag Steve memes are two of the most popular memes on the internet and it just so happens they are also opposites of each other. We will explain exactly why below.

Good Guy Greg

Good Guy Greg is a popular meme that is used to describe situations and actions that good people would typically do. It features a guy with a friendly smile and a joint in his mouth. The internet seems to think this picture of Good Guy Greg is a rather pleasant one. It has become the counter to the popular Scumbag Steve meme. Good Guy Greg is generally doing unnecessarily kind things for his friends.

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Top tips to Improve Your Protein Intake

The world has gone health and fitness mad, with the desperation to create definition in every part of our bodies a complete obsession. But a huge part of this process is learning how to look after your muscles so that they can rebuild and become stronger... in turn 'bulk up' or increase definition.

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Why Asbestos is Bad for You

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral found in rock and soil. Because of its heat and fire resistance and its strength, it has been used in a variety of manufactured goods and construction materials. When materials containing asbestos are left intact, they are harmless. However, when asbestos-containing materials are disturbed, asbestos fibers and dust get into the air. If you breathe in or swallow these materials, asbestos fibers can get trapped in your lungs and other organs, leading to a number of serious diseases. Here are some things you need to know about the dangers of asbestos.

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Women’s Rights in the Workplace

According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, woman in the U.S. are overwhelmingly pessimistic about financial equality in the workplace. The poll found that three-fourths of young women believe that the government needs to do more to make sure that pay and benefits are equivalent, regardless of gender.

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UK Government May Ban Smoking in Cars

Members of Parliament in the UK have supported a call for smoking in cars to be banned when there are child passengers.

The bill was voted in favour by a majority of 269 votes. This margin will now give Jeremy Hunt, the current Health Secretary, the power to bring in the ban into effect in England. For the ban to be passed in Wales, the Welsh Government ministers will need to have their own vote to decide.

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Get Help From Online Statistics Teacher

It is true that learning is considered as continuous process that is why human life seems to be struggling for it. The essence of life is considered as the urge of learning and knowing different things and that has lead towards the prosperity and development we can see now. Education is considered to be a vital element for a person and the learning process will never end till the man dies.

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Lying On A Life Insurance Application | Think You Can Pull The Wool?

Everyone wants loads of premium life insurance to use as a powerful financial tool while they're alive; and to pay out a very helpful death benefit when they pass. Now life insurance is not free, and so there is some consideration that must be given as to the amount of life insurance desired, and the amount that you can actually afford to pay for (check out this link to learn more). As a result of this excessive demand, coupled with limited finances to buy it, there arises lying on life insurance applications.

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What is High Voltage Alternative Current?

For those who are not experienced in the area of air conditioning and ventilation technology, HVAC is a term that may seem familiar, but we don't really know what it means. The term HVAC is actually just an acronym for the words heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These products that are labeled as HVAC provide one of these services, and sometimes more than just one. Most of the time, HVAC is not necessarily associated with being in a residential setting, and is more often expected in larger buildings.

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Gipsy made Boots – A Must have in Your Wardrobe

We all love out boots. Apart from the stilettos, ballerinas, flat heels and sneakers, no wardrobe is complete without that quintessential pair of boots. In fact, a UK based company has been making the most of this with a trendsetting display of unique handmade leather boots. With businesses in England and Wales, Gipsy Dharma Limited is an all-boot store that takes it to a completely new level. Try duplicating one of their patented creations and you shall very soon know how serious they are with their boots and labour alike.

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What are Natural Woven Shades for Windows?

Natural woven shades are a stylish option for windows that allow natural light to come in and created an inviting aesthetic. They are an excellent organic option for lean living, and provide a calming atmosphere. These shades serve the same purpose as any window décor, but are tailored for clean, sleek looks that cater to the minimalist lifestyle. The options are limitless in style and fashion, but the general colors retain the simple looks of textured and weaved fabrics. It is very common to have a grass cloth, light or wooden varied colors. The beauty of this type of shade is the differences in color. No two pieces are the same. When woven together, the unique patterns are exquisite.

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Building Relationships – How Chiropractors Can Grow Patient Loyalty

When you are a chiropractor, it is important to build patient loyalty so that you will have patients who will come back to you regularly for many years and will refer their friends. If you only have patients who leave after a visit or two, it will be difficult to keep your business going.

In order to keep this loyalty going, it is important to employ techniques that will build patient loyalty and keep your patients happy and coming back again and again. Also, you want to encourage your patients to refer their friends and family, so that you can grow your practice.

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Is amber right for my child's teething needs?

One of the biggest trends in the baby product market today is the idea of using amber for the alleviation of children's pain from teething. We always want what is best for our children, and helping them get through tough times in their lives is what we are here for. When our children are babies, they have no way of expressing what they are going through, so it is even more important for us to be attuned to how they are behaving so that we know when they are facing changes, such as growing new teeth. Once your child starts to exhibit signs of teething, there are some different choices on the market than there used to be, and one of the new groups of products for teething are products made from amber.

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Invest in gold stocks, ETFs and mutual funds for a better future

If you are an investor who is planning to invest in stocks, then you should first know Invest in gold is a gold IRA safe? Gold stock is one of the best forms of gold investment. While investing in gold you should opt to choose the best investment option that gives huge returns. To buy gold stocks, you should invest a huge amount. But, it is not advisable to invest all your money in buying gold stocks. Today, a number of gold stocks are available in the market and it becomes difficult for a new investor to choose the right one. If you want to invest in different forms of gold stocks, then you are securing your future investments. Having a gold investment is a move and it is difficult to predict the gold stock market.

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Hot Career Opportunities for IT Professionals

While some industries are struggling, others are ripe with opportunities. In the world of mobile technology, it is a smart choice to enter into the IT field. With a plethora of different opportunities, an IT professional can find themselves managing teams, developing large-scale web applications or helping keep a bank’s network up and running at all times.

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Steps for Credit Repair

Most of us are in a debt trap. No matter, how much we might try we always end up in a debt trap. Thanks to the recession in 2008, all of us got entangled into a vicious circle of debt that slowly gnawed its way into our savings and gave us sleepless nights. Needless to say, it also gave us a headache called poor or low credit score. Here are some important ways and means that would actually aid you in repairing your credit score and improving it.

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Should I Forget Saving and Overpay the Mortgage?

Savings rates rapidly followed the Bank of England’s base rate tumble back at the start of the credit crisis in 2008 but the same cannot be said for mortgage rates. For those with both savings and mortgages this has led to several difficult years where savings returns have been negligible and borrowing rates have remained comparatively high. The obvious question on many borrowers’ minds has been “should I overpay on the mortgage rather than save”. On the face of it this seems to be a fairly straightforward question, the more you overpay on your mortgage, the more you save in the long term. However, there are a few pitfalls to consider before taking this approach.

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Fastest Growing Product on the UK Market

E-cigarettes are becoming the fastest growing product on the UK market with more and more smokers looking for a less harmful alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The speed the industry is moving at is phenomenal and will continue to develop over the next few years. However the industry needs regulation on these products and to help clean up the ‘bucket chemist’ industry which is becoming a press focus. Full regulation will mean that all products sold will be fully tested and safer for the consumer.

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Tips To Remember While Moving Home

Are you moving home? Can everything go right? Well, the first step is to gain confidence and have all the patience in the world, and you can finally enjoy your new home after moving all boxes and objects. Once you are sure that you have to move, estimate at least three moving companies to compare, but make sure you start doing  that a couple of weeks ago else you won’t find enough time to decide which moving company is good. All of the moving companies don’t sign a contract with the client, so it is necessary to be extremely careful when choosing one.

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