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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, September 28 2016 @ 02:51 AM EDT

How the Internet Continues to Fuel Bedroom Startups

Everybody loves to hear about the underdog beating the odds to fuel our own dreams and provide hope that we too may succeed the same. In recent years there have been countless examples in business of David versus Goliath victories. However, the battlegrounds for many of these corporate exploits haven't been in city skyscraper board rooms but have started out in the comfort of our own bedrooms. The Internet has removed the barriers to the average person achieving great things in business and the bedroom startup volumes continue to flourish. Of course prior to the Internet there was still the chance for the small man to make it big such as Lord Alan Sugar However, such success was much harder to achieve and is testament to Lord Sugar to achieve so much in the face of adversity. Business is by no means easy today however for those with an idea, a vision to implement the idea and a relentless work ethic the odds to succeed and the risks of failure have never been more favourable.

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Wearable WiFi: Cameras That Capture Memories in a Snap

The popular television show, Cops introduces itself with a recognizable reggae song asking, “whatcha gone do when they come for you?” In Jamaica, police forces are not singing songs, but like American cops, using technology to an advantage.

Wearable technology, like Google Glass and A/V devices small enough to wear on a tie or lapel, are being introduced to a public seasoned in technology and eager to get their hands, feet, heads and other body parts on wearable gadgets.

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Steps to Renting Your Prom Tuxedo

You can easily prepare for your upcoming prom, spend less on your tuxedo and still look stunning than most of your classmates. While some of your friends may purchase new tuxedos, you can rent. When you rent, you may not get an exact fit tux. However, you can have your coat or pair of trousers adjusted to fit you. There are tux rentals shops in Stroudsburg where you can rent a suit for your upcoming prom. Below are the steps to renting a tuxedo.

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Level-Headed Property Purchases

One of the biggest problems when it comes to buying a home is that we often make the decision with our hearts and not quite so much with our heads. In some senses this is not a bad way to go about the process; recent years have shown that investing in property is a difficult game and often best left to the experienced. Treating real estate – if you’re going to live in it – as purely an investment is not the most sensible way to go about buying. A home should be a home not simply an investment and this is why falling in love with a property is a big part of the equation. Even for those buying purely to rent out at least a small part of you should be a little in love with the property, as the chances are if you don’t at least like the property nobody else will! Property is, however, a big investment and commitment and so some common sense and a practical mind-set are also required. This is where finding a good real estate agent can make all the difference; a high quality one will ensure that you have a professional, experienced and level-headed individual guiding you in the right direction. But what makes for a good realtor?

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How to Interpret a Parentage Test

Being a father is an overwhelming responsibility. It involves financial burdens, emotional concerns, and lifelong commitments. Some of today’s fathers are hesitant if they want to commit to these responsibilities. This is especially true if they are unsure about the paternity of the child. After all, the child could have a different father. For this reason, a home paternity test may help anxious men determine their next steps regarding fatherhood.

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Top 4 Hunting Safety Tips for New Hunters

Hunting is more than just a sport that gets you outdoors with your buddies; it's a great way to participate in the circle of life and bring food home for your family. Of course, some people do it just for the thrill of tracking and shooting. But it seems silly to shoot ducks, geese, deer, elk, and more with no intention of using them for food, especially if you're a meat eater. That's just wasteful. At least consider selling it to a local butcher for some gain. That said, your reasons for hunting are your own and so long as you follow the law by gaining the proper permits and observing limits and restrictions, you can do what you want with whatever game you bag. However, before you pick up a rifle and head out into the woods, you need to know that there are proper safety procedures you must follow in order to ensure that no unnecessary injuries or damages occur as a result of your actions. You don't want to pull a Dick Cheney. Here are just a few hunting safety tips for the new ones out there who intend to bag their first kill.

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The JG Airsoft M4 Commando Marks its Command in the Market

Weapons for the purpose of training and exercise need extra attention. It can be said that a lot of vigilance needs to be exercised when weapons are manufactured for this purpose. Airsoft rifles are essentially manufactured keeping this purpose in mind. They resemble real firearms, but are rather safe to be used and cater to quite a few age groups.

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Easy Meals with Rachael Ray Cookware - Stir Fry & More

Crafting great meals every night of the week can be a challenge for even the best of home cooks which is why Rachael Ray® cookware and her creative recipes are so helpful; they address the way many modern families eat. Making dinner from scratch every night is not all that realistic for many busy families but prepared foods from the supermarket can be costly. A few strategic purchases make it possible to assemble meals at home without starting from scratch; rotisserie chicken is one good example.

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These Lifestyle Factors Could be Behind Cancer

Though it is believed that cancer is caused by abnormal changes inside the body, the fact is that these changes could be triggered by external factors, some of which are lifestyle related.

Cancer researchers have found that 30% of all cancers are linked to lifestyle factors like tobacco, alcohol, obesity and diet. The British Journal of Cancer carried the study as a supplement and is considered the most detailed review of cancer and lifestyle conducted.

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Top 10 Biggest Lottery Wins

Lottery is all about dreams and winning odds. If the dreams are always disproportionately high and daring, we cannot say the same about winning odds. The chance to win the jackpot for the greatest lotto games in the world are one in about 2 million. Not so encouraging, huh? Still, billions of people from all around the world keep on dreaming and, of course, on playing… Although many of these dreams vanish once the numbers are drawn and the results published, there are still those lucky winners who hit it big. Who are the luckiest lottery fans? Let’s meet some of them while enumerating the top 10 biggest lottery wins.

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From Slavery To Freedom

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So said Thomas Jefferson, and this sentiment has been the basis for the Passover seder for the past 5,000 years of Jewish history. For the modern Jew, remembering history is a way of linking to his or her heritage, and provides a gentle reminder of the blessings and obligations that come with that heritage.

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Job Boards: A Fast Forward View

You use job boards for different reason, and not just for looking for your dream job. These websites are often hubs of employment related information, like interview tips, advice on careers and so on. The job portal industry is currently on a big boom. With access to superior job board software like webJobs, more and more job boards are coming p on the net.

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Streaming - Download High-Quality Audio and Video

Being able to download high-quality audio and video content was made possible by advances in Internet access technology, and it allows users to obtain the necessary data in one attempt before returning at a later point to enjoy it. However, there are a number of situations where this is not desirable for either the broadcaster or the consumer. From the publisher's point of view, copyright concerns may dictate that content cannot be stored permanently, while consumers may not have the data storage capacity to keep large quantities of information (tablets, smartphones). Streaming technology bypasses a number of these concerns, without any loss in terms of the broadcast quality of the content.

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Things you need to know about Personal Injury Law

No matter if you live in Florida or California, or any other states of the United States of America, knowing the details of personal injury law is absolutely important. Most of the times, the insurance company refuses to pay the compensation, after you have suffered a personal injury. Just imagine what would have happened if you get severely injured by another person or company, and if the concerned individual or company fuses to pay the medical coverage? This is where a thorough knowledge of the personal injury law will help you take the necessary steps. Even if it is wiser to take the professional help and hire an experienced personal injury attorney, it is advisable to have a basic knowledge of the personal injury law in your state, so that you have a clear idea of what is happening around you and this will also help you understand your lawyer’s action better.

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Bagging A Useful Way to Show Unity or Make Your Point

There are many ways, in the modern world, to present an advertising or promotional message, or to brand a company, your friendly sports team, or other interest group. One which doesn’t yet seem to have caught up with some others is in the use of personalised bags to do so. If you spend a few moments browsing on the www.brandawear.co.uk website, you’ll discover they have a wide range of assorted carriers ready and able to present your message to the public. So, just as a starting point...

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Experience Dubai - Travel Destination

With all of the turmoil happening in the world today many travelers would not think of traveling to the Middle East. However, Dubai is overcoming that problem and becoming one of the most popular tourist areas. When asking a person who has traveled to Dubai you will find that there is shopping that will exceed your expectations, as well as restaurants that you will want to visit time and time again as well as resorts that are known world wide. Who knew that in the heat of the desert you could find a luxury lifestyle.

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