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Thursday, April 17, 2014, 08:20 PM EDT
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Crime Shows - Intense, Insane or Inane? (R)

Crime shows are all the rage these days. Whether you choose to watch The Killing online, via a mobile or tablet app or live, there are a plethora of different types of shows to choose from. There are several enticing cable TV deals out there complete with all the crime show channels one could ask for. You may ask yourself whether watching shows that focus around killing and murder make sense and if they're really entertaining, or if they're just sick in nature?

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Guidelines to Keep in Mind While Going for IPhone Insurance

Well, you got a new iPhone? Not sure whether it will stay safe for a longer period of time or not? You don’t have to spend sleepless nights for it. In todays’ time you may not have a solution for every other problem but for this, you do have a solution. Now, you can protect your iPhone by going for iPhone insurance. However, before going for iPhone insurance, it is very important to go for a check down list to find out what things you should consider before selecting the right iPhone insurance for you:

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Scion Celebrates 10 Years With 5 Limited Edition Models

Parent company Toyota launched the Scion brand in 2002 in order to attract new drivers and explore innovative car designs and marketing techniques. Toyota was particularly interested in building a brand that would attract younger buyers with affordable yet personable vehicles. Toyota’s efforts have proved to be fruitful; the Scion brand now has the lowest median age of consumer in the industry. The Scion 10th series features five limited edition takes on its popular models:

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Where you Can Sell Your Rolex Watch

When wanting to sell a Rolex watch, its owner should seriously think about where they will do so. If they choose the first option which springs to mind, they could regret this decision because a better way was available but wasn’t originally considered. Here are some of the many ways in which a Rolex watch can be sold very quickly:

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5 Biological Factors that Contribute to Obesity

Obesity rates are skyrocketing around the world. This is partly due to the fact that, as technology makes our lives more and more convenient, our behaviors are becoming increasingly sedentary as a result. However, as you may know, there are also many biological factors that contribute to obesity.

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4 Green Technologies That Pay for Themselves

Going green takes some investment. However, once you’ve made that first investment, many of the items you put your money into pay for themselves. On top of this, going green and adding these technologies to your home doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. Consider some of these technologies for your home.

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How to Keep Your Home Cosy This Winter

The dark winter is going to be far less of an ordeal if you have a cosy home where you can be tucked-up and snug. It doesn’t have to take a great deal of effort or expense to create a cosy environment – here are just five suggestions for how you can do this:

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The Stranded Traveler -- What to do When the Unthinkable Happens

Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, the last thing that someone thinks about is getting ill or injured while away from home.  Fortunately, most of the time, when the traveler becomes a patient, it is for relatively simple issues, like coming down with a gastrointestinal illness or needing a referral to a dentist. It is usually a simple matter to find a clinic that can handle such issues and can be made even easier by contacting your travel insurer.  These players have large networks of medical providers that are specifically geared towards taking care of travelers.

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From Reams To Realms

There is little doubt, particularly when looking around the cramped space that I call an office, that ‘going paperless’ has to be a good thing. A more effective way to keep control of my overstuffed and slowly disintegrating lever arch files is most definitely required.

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What Are the Benefits of Bicycle Insurance?

When we think of insurance, we normally know exactly what each policy is for. Car insurance is obvious, and the most important aspect of car insurance is to protect you if you have a crash – both from the point of view of repairing your own car, and also from the point of view of being able to cover the costs associated with the damage to another car if that’s the one you strike. House insurance protects you against accidents of all kinds in the home, but what does bike insurance cover you against? Is it really worth having, and what is it going to cost you? Let’s take a look.

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Small Businesses: Share Your Wares at Holiday Exhibits and Trade Shows

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time for many themed trade shows and exhibits. Whether you’re working for a business ready to show off its new products for 2014, or a retailer with holiday-themed trinkets and treasures, there’s a place for you in Paramus this winter.

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What to Know Before Selling A Watch

Selling used watches needn’t be an arduous process. When a watch hasn’t been sold before, its owner might not know what to do. By being aware of the following, there’ll be a lot of interest in a watch especially from professional watch buyers.

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Scenarios That Only An Accountant Can Handle

Although some companies don’t prefer to ask for help from them, hiring an accountant is mandatory in various situations. Despite what many companies assume, hiring an accountant really does prove to be value for money, especially as they give helpful advice. When a company is unsure if they should seek assistance from accountants, here are some of the situations which only they can deal with:

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San Sebastian, A Treat For The Taste Buds

Spain is one Europe’s greatest gastronomic nations. Along with France, it is the continent’s capital of haute cuisine. And if there is one city in Spain which is particularly famous for its food, it has to be San Sebastian.

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Five Great Reasons to Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Music has been around for millennia and even Neanderthal man probably banged out a few tunes sticks and stones when he was bored. But just because we like to listen to music, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we want to learn to play an instrument. But you really should consider it for there are lots of reasons why learning to play some kind of instrument can enhance your life. So in case you are yet to be convinced, here are my five top reasons for having music lessons.

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Offsetting Inflation with Gold Buillion

Whether you are saving for retirement or saving for a vacation, inflation can potentially derail your plans. For most investors, hedging against inflation is a smart move and you may be able to help offset inflation with an investment in gold bullion.

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Beyond the SAT: High School Students Need to Self-Explore To Make Successful College Choices

Wyckoff, NJ November 5, 2013 Most high school juniors and seniors have SAT’s and college applications on their brains this time of the year, but parents may want to help them shift their focus to a bigger picture: a fresh look at what their long-range future might look like.

“College is a time to grow, and experience many things, but the real goal is to prepare students for a career that is fulfilling – emotionally and financially,” says Helene Naftali, CSW, author of Own Your Zone! What Students Need to Succeed From School to Career and founder of oneTRUEzone, a coaching program that helps young people discover the career path that is uniquely their own.

[PP Recommends: Speed Study Techniques]

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5 Creative Ways to Incorporate the Season/Holiday into Your Trade Show Display

Trade show displays are great because they give you a presence at trade shows and similar events, but it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from all of the other businesses. One of the best ways is to incorporate the season or nearby holiday into your display. Not only will this make people gravitate towards your display, but it also ensures that you have different designs so that your display doesn't get old. Here are a few ways to creatively add the season or holiday into your display.

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Metal Foil Asset Tags: Versatility and Durability for Modern Enterprise Asset Tracking

Metal foil asset tags are constructed of a unique, specially designed material called Metalphoto®. It’s a special type of anodized aluminum that offers durability well beyond that of a typical bar code label for use in harsh applications. Unlike rigid asset tags, metal foil labels provide a flexible solution that can be applied to assets that don’t have the smooth, flat surfaces that a rigid label would require. Metal foil asset tags bridge the gap by providing an asset-labeling alternative that’s both flexible and durable for a wide variety of applications.

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Recover From The Recession - Fully!

For many folks, the 2008 global recession was a turning point in their career and financial lives. An estimated of 1 in 10 were made redundant which equates to a cost of £28.6BN on behalf of employers. Luckily, through a number of specialized debt management services a vast majority of these people have been able to recover from the economic collapse. One of the ways they were able to do this by enlisting the help of a specialized agency like Consolidated Credit.

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