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Wednesday, September 28 2016 @ 06:15 AM EDT

4 Signs it's Time to Get a New Car

A car is the second most expensive investment you will make in your lifetime. The first, of course, is a house. However, unlike a house, a car goes down in value instead of up. This can often make it feel like you're throwing money away every time you buy a new car. Unfortunately, a person will go through several cars in their lifetime. Avoiding getting a newer car can actually cost you more money in the long run. So how do you know if it's time to replace your car? There are several signs you should look for.

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Camden Phone Food Photography 101

Are you the type of person whose Instagram is full of food photos? If you answered yes, then keep it up. You're photographing not only a form of art, but a human necessity for life. Food is most directly linked to different cultures because the fare reflects the natural spices, produce and meats that flourish in those countries. People feel very passionate about their homeland's traditional meals, and so the food photography trend is no surprise. It reflects the growing number of passionate foodies.

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Ten Essentials for the Perfect Wedding

Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life. You’ve probably been planning your wedding since you were a small child and you could have many grandiose plans for your special day. However, weddings can cost a lot of money and it is very important that your finances are managed. Here are a couple of ways which can help you with managing your wedding finances.

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How to Stay Active During Retirement

One of the biggest concerns of some people entering retirement is having nothing to do with all the spare time that inevitably appears around the same time. It’s important to keep active beyond retirement to keep fitness and mental health levels high, and, on a more basic level, just to keep happy. Luckily, there are people out there who want people to be active, no matter the age. ExtraCare is one of those organisations, offering retirement villages, with a whole load of on-site activities and a big focus on everyone being active in a caring community.

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Top 3 Things for in Summer 2013

If you’re serious about red wine then you’ll have a decanter already. They aren’t just a practical tool either. A few companies add some artistic brilliance to their designs to make the decanter a talking point for any dinner table or bar.

This Black Tie Decanter from Riedel is a masterpiece of utility and design. Okay, at nearly £400 it’s quite steep, but I want one. If that’s too much you can pick up a decanter from a charity shop if you’re lucky. Look for one with a wide base, so it’s easier so swill the wine around in.

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Tips to Help You Find A Reliable Plumber

There are many instances when a plumber is required in Northern Ireland. They could be needed to fix a leak which has suddenly sprung. Water might also start pouring out from under a bathtub and there can be many reasons to explain what has caused this. On the one hand, pipes might be leaking or a bathtub could have a hairline crack. When searching for a plumber, here are a couple of tips to consider:

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How to Have A Holiday for Less in 8 Simple Steps

A holiday away from the usual routine is one of the most anticipated events in anyone’s life and it is these special times that we often remember as we grow older. Thus, we want our holiday’s to be simply unforgettable but ideally without breaking the bank. Luckily, these days, that is very much a possibility if you adhere to some of the following steps.

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Going on Vacation? 6 Ways a Home Security System Can Set Your Mind at Ease

Vacations are supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation. We should only have to worry about throwing our feet up and taking in our surroundings. An occasion to leave life's daily stresses behind, the absolute last concern you'd want is the thought of your home's vulnerability without you there. Fortunately, the advanced home security systems of today can leave most of us in that "out of sight, out of mind" state of calm. Here are just a few of the ways security systems can let you take that much-deserved, leisurely break.

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How You Can Sell A Second Hand Rolex Watch

Luxury items such as watches are difficult to afford, especially in our current economic climate. Over the years purchasing second hand watches has become much more popular and much simpler. Through the use of online transactions and emergence of online market places, trading online has become a growing trend. This article will highlight the necessary steps you need to take in order to purchase the right second hand watch for you.

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Where and How to Sell Your First Rolex Watch

Selling a watch can be a complex matter, especially when you are trying to find a buyer for a worthy price. Thousands of traders sell their watches every year to try and make a profit or just to sell a second hand watch they no longer need. When you are selling a watch you are presented by various challenges such as the price, where to sell it, when to sell it and where to get it valued. This article will walk you through each step you need to take when you are selling a watch.

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How Having a Good Online Reputation Can Benefit You in the Real World

Your reputation is everything to you, because it relays your integrity, maturity, and responsibility. In real life, you certainly don't engage in activities that would damage your reputation in any way, right? Your online reputation is just as valuable—and just as likely to improve or damage your real life reputation.

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4 Unrealistic Concerns Too Many Travelers Worry Over

Travel is one of the most rewarding, educational, uplifting ways to spend your time and money. However, many people deny themselves wonderful experiences due to irrational fears. These fears stop them from enjoying terrific experiences, meeting new people, and broadening their horizons. Here are the most unrealistic fears, and the truth you need to know to free you to enjoy traveling.

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Speedy Plus™ 4.5 Liter Vaccum Marinater

The SpeedyPlus Instant Marinater from Jaccard is a multi-functional, complete grilling and marinade preparation system. It is a complete food preparation tool that instantly marinates, stores and transports the meat to and from the oven or grill.

The SpeedyPlus provides commercial level vacuum pressure which causes marinades to penetrate deeply and completely into the meat in as little as 5 minutes. The patent pending 10” x 14” design sports a 4.5 liter volume which can accommodate up to 14 boneless chicken breasts. The marinating chamber’s locking tabs secure pre-cooked juices within the container, eliminating cross contamination potential.

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Own Your Décor, How To Decorate Like You Own It When Renting ~ Five Easy, Affordable Décor Tips for Renters ~

Rental apartments are on the rise. Five to six million new renter households may be created within the next 10 years, likely caused from low inventories of homes available and tight credit conditions, according to a recent study by Washington’s D.C.’s Bipartisan Policy Center. With this in mind, some worthwhile tips on how to make a rental feel more like one’s own are needed. If you rent or know of someone shacked up in a dorm or an apartment, share these tips by young, up-and-coming interior designers Allison Hennessy and Nick Olsen in order to feel settled in a temporary space.

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First Impressions Count: Updating the Professional Wardrobe

Think you can just throw on a pair of leggings, a tunic top and make a mad dash for the office hoping you don't spill your caramel latte on that new handbag you spent a month's rent on? Well, if you're the type who gives your order at Starbucks more attention (or that handbag du jour) than what you wear to work, maybe it's time for a little "dress for success" review.

Dressing for work has never been more of a challenge with so many choices available. Let's face it; the boring black suit is just that — boring. However, with a shrinking job market, making a good impression still counts more than ever. So whether you're going to your 25th interview or have the job of your dreams, here are some style tips from fashion expert Nina Garcia, creative director at "Marie Claire" and judge on "Project Runway."

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