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Tuesday, July 28 2015 @ 06:22 AM EDT
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Video Game Reviews 4/11  


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In \'Wario,\' the anti hero gets his powers through the ability to transform into various characters that sport individual skills. CNS Photo courtesy of Nintendo DS.
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Wario transforms into various characters with individual skills in \'Wario: Master of Disguise.\' CNS Photo courtesy of Nintendo DS.Read the story

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Gamers who delve into \'Crackdown\' will find that they can upgrade their character\'s natural abilities, eventually doing superhuman feats such as leaping from building to building, tossing cars and regenerating health. CNS Photo courtesy of Microsoft.Read the story

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You can rid the streets of Pacific City of thugs and earn added abilities in \'Crackdown\' for the Xbox 360. CNS Photo courtesy of Microsoft. Read the story

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