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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, November 25 2020 @ 06:15 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, November 25 2020 @ 06:15 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Foxl Portable Hifi Speaker Used By Professional Rock Musicians As Personal Practice “Amp” On The Road

Jordan Rudess, Keyboardist Dream Theater, Uses foxL for Street Jams Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Richard Fortus Uses foxL as a Portable Guitar Amp The Great Kat “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” Uses foxL when Shredding Guitar at 300 BPM

 Soundmatters www.soundmatters.com , the leader in high-quality, portable speaker technology founded by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther, announced today that the foxLTMv2 Bluetooth ultimate portable speaker is becoming the preferred portable traveling musical instrument practice “amp” used by leading rock musicians Jordan Rudess from Grammy-nominated Dream Theater, Richard Fortus from Guns N’ Roses, and The Great Kat “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” – Guitar One Magazine. Not only is foxL an amazing portable hifi speaker for the general music loving public for music listening/movie watching at home, when traveling, biking, for business presentations, and as a speakerphone, but foxL is also increasingly being used by professional musicians at home and on the road for its audio performance quality and portability as a personal practice “amp.”

Ideal Traveling Companion for iPads, Laptops, Smartphones AND Musical Instruments!

Jordan Rudess, world-renowned keyboardist of the Grammy-nominated progressive rock band, Dream Theater, used foxL on Dream Theater’s recent Asian and European tours. Using his award-winning GeoSynth and SampleWiz apps to turn his iPad and iPhone into instruments, Rudess pipes music through his portable foxL allowing him to release his creativity anywhere, anytime for impromptu jamming on tour. “I was on a search for a speaker like this for a long time. Something I can keep in my bag, something I can take out at any time, whether I am on the street and want to jam with a street musician, or when I’m on my Steinway piano and want to simultaneously on my iPad play along…It’s something I have with me everywhere I go.” Rudess was so enamored with the foxL, he created a YouTube video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm1NhEmZ9ZQ.

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus uses foxL as a portable “guitar amp.” He uses foxL in conjunction with IK Multimedia’s iRigTM, which he featured on a YouTube video. “Using foxL and the iRig in my hotel room or in the bus…I am sitting here in my back yard, so wherever you are, you can have your amp setup,” said Richard Fortus, Guns N' Roses in the IK Multimedia iRig YouTube video at: http://www.ikmultimedia.com/irig/videodemo/index.php?movie=5  (see minute 6:10 ).

The Great Kat “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” - Guitar One Magazine, with over 1 million YouTube views, uses the portable foxL to shred wherever she goes, when a full-sized guitar stack amp would be impractical: warming up before recording sessions, at her NY City apartment, and on tour. “I use the foxL with my guitar plugged into my metal pedal and guitar processor to shred Beethoven, Bach, Paganini -- even ‘The Flight of the Bumble-Bee’ at 300 BPM with total articulation – Amazing!” said The Great Kat.

foxLv2 Bluetooth Features:
• Patented Audio Technology: provides more audio output for louder, distortion-free sound.
o Features patented Dual 1-inch Linear Magnetic DriveTM “Twoofers” more likely found in large expensive hi-fi speakers for remarkable clarity and range.
o Patented “BassBatteryTM” Technology turns the battery into a woofer for smoother deeper bass.
• Built-in Noise-canceling Mic: for “business quality” wireless speaker phone/conferencing.
• Bluetooth Music Streaming: provides surprisingly high-quality Bluetooth stereo with auto pairing and even shows up in the iPad’s AirPlay menu.
• Plays & Charges Anywhere: Along with its patented re-chargeable built-in woofer/battery (for up to 8 hours of play), it plays and charges with the included universal AC charger (with four international adapters) and included USB cable.

Pricing & Availability

The foxLv2 Bluetooth is priced at $199, available immediately through major online retailers, including Crutchfield, ListenUp.com, Amazon.com and more, as well as through the Soundmatters site at: www.soundmatters.com. foxLv2 Bluetooth comes with the portable speaker, re-chargeable built-in woofer/battery, universal AC power charger, four international charger adapters (for US, Japan, Europe/China, UK/HK, and AU/NZ), USB computer charging cable, stereo 3.5mm audio cable, wrist strap, travel pouch, anti-slip mat, and manual. In addition, Soundmatters provides the special edition Platinum, $249, and a wired version of foxLv2, priced at $169.

About Soundmatters

Soundmatters International, Inc. www.soundmatters.com  was founded in 1998 by physicist, former NASA engineer, and audio design legend Dr. Godehard Guenther. A world-renowned pioneer in the field of audio, Dr. Guenther introduced many firsts to the audio market, including the world’s first in-wall speaker; in-wall subwoofer; component loudspeaker for car hi–fi; switching power supply for car hi–fi; multi–channel car amplifier; hi–fi television monitor; and first complete digital time-delay system for surround sound. Through Soundmatters, Dr. Guenther is dedicated to developing exceptional performance audio products that enhance, rather than complicate consumer’s lifestyles.

VISIT SOUNDMATTERS: DWELL on DESIGN, June 22-24, 2012, Los Angeles Convention Center, Booth #MH-2. See http://dod.dwell.com  for info.

For more information on foxL, see the Soundmatters site at: www.soundmatters.com .
For info on Jordan Rudess, see: www.jordanrudess.com . For info on The Great Kat, see: www.greatkat.com .


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