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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, November 28 2020 @ 11:46 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, November 28 2020 @ 11:46 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Thomas PR Techie Holiday Gift Ideas 2012

See Product Photos at: http://www.thomas-pr.com/thomaspr/thomasprtechieholidaygiftideas2012.html  
Download: http://www.thomas-pr.com/thomaspr/HolidayGiftIdeas2012July2012.doc 
Thomas Public Relations www.thomaspr.com  announced today Techie Holiday Gift Ideas from GoSmart, SensoGlove, foxL, iBike, iDevices, ArtRage, Kidz Gear, Impecca, SolarFocus, CG Pro Prints, and The Great Kat for monthly Holiday Gift Guide magazine articles coming out in November/December.

The GoSmart Clip is a great gift for everyone that needs hands-free access to your smartphone. The GoSmart Clip clips iPhones and other smartphones to golf carts for keeping score of the game, car steering wheels for quick access to GPS directions, store carts for viewing shopping lists, baby strollers for soothing music for baby, or anywhere for hands-free talking to friends and more. The GoSmart Clip is available in red or black and fits most smartphones at 4” to 5” long (100mm - 125mm) tall and less than 0.75” thick (20mm), including iPhones and Androids.
Pricing: $24.95 (in red or black)
Website: www.justgosmart.com
Available at: http://www.gosmartclip.com and www.Amazon.com
GoSmart Clip on Golf Cart App: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartclipgolf.html
GoSmart Clip on Golf Cart Screen: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartclipgolfscreen.html
GoSmart Clip on Shopping Cart: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartclipshopping.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JustGoSmart
The GoSmart Stylus is the smoothest and most precise stylus for iPads, touchscreen tablets, smart phones and other devices. Made of ergonomically designed solid aluminum, the GoSmart Stylus features a flexible patent-pending see-through Teflon impregnated coated stainless steel tip with Capacitive Coupling Technology for precision pointing, perfect for painting, drawing, sketching, scribbling, writing, clicking, and selecting on any touchscreen device, even with sticky protective covers.

Pricing: $24.95
Website: www.justgosmart.com
Available at: http://justgosmart.com/store/ or through www.amazon.com
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/gosmart/gosmartstylusrelease.html
GoSmart Stylus 200 Series: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartstylus200.html
GoSmart Stylus 300 Series: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartstylus300.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JustGoSmart

• ECO-CONSCIOUS GIFT WITH “GREEN” TECHNOLOGY & BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Impecca Bamboo Custom Carved Designer Keyboard & Mouse

Created for the eco-conscious consumer, Impecca’s “green” Bamboo Keyboards and Mice are custom, hand carved 100% natural biodegradeable bamboo keyboard and mouse sets for work or home office. The USB keyboards and mice combine beautiful styling with “green” technology, featuring a wired keyboard/mouse in natural color and wireless keyboard/mouse in 4 colors: natural, cherry, mahoganny, and walnut that fit your décor. These elegant and well-designed bamboo products are the perfect accessory for any computer user, and are compatible with Windows and Mac.

Pricing: Wired $69.95, Wireless $99.95
Website: www.impeccausa.com
Available at: www.impeccausa.com and major retail stores
Photo: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/impeccabamboo.html
Info: http://www.impeccausa.com/bamboo/bamboo-keyboards/wireless-bamboo-designer-keyboard.html

• FOR KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS: Portable Animal-Themed Battery-Operated Stereo Systems for iPod, iPhone, and Other Cell Phones & Devices

Impecca’s Zoo Tunes line of fun and fashionable animal themed portable speaker systems are stylishly designed, battery-operated compact portable speaker systems with excellent full-range sound performance. Zoo Tunes plugs into all iPods, iPhones and other smart phones, MP3/MP4 players, CD players, computers or other devices through its included 3.5mm jack or mini USB cable. The new Zoo Tunes line of portable speakers features a variety of designs, including tiger, kitten, bear, rabbit, pig, owl, and panda, which add fun and tuneful music to your home or office. Priced at just $24.99, Zoo Tunes fits in the palm of your hand, lightweight enough to pop in a bag for on-the-go use – at the beach, BBQ, party, office, or from room to room.

Pricing: $24.99
Website: www.impeccausa.com
Available at: 3rd Quarter at www.impeccausa.com and major retail stores
Zoo Tunes Tiger: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/impeccazootunestiger.html
Zoo Tunes Bear: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/impeccazootunesbear.html
Zoo Tunes Kitten: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/impeccazootuneskitten.html
Zoo Tunes Owl: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/impeccazootunesowl.html
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/impecca/impeccazootunesrelease.html


SensoGlove, the world’s first digital golf glove, is the perfect holiday sports gift for golfers of all levels (from beginners to advanced) to learn how to correctly swing the club. SensoGlove has built-in digital sensors that continuously read grip pressure to ensure a consistently accurate, smooth and powerful golf swing. Made of the highest quality cabretta leather, anyone can quickly learn how to hold the club, avoid bad habits and improve every part of their game, from backswing, downswing, impact, follow-through, driving, putting, and chipping.
Pricing: $89
Website: www.sensoglove.com
Available at: www.sensoglove.com and distributors, sales partners, & golf schools around the world
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/sensosolutions/sensosolutionsfathersday2012release.html
• FOR HIFI MUSIC AT PARTIES & ON THE ROAD: foxL PLATINUM Portable Bluetooth Speaker Created by a Rocket Scientist
Everyone will want the portable foxLv2 PLATINUM as a holiday gift, the world’s best sounding tiny hi-fi Bluetooth speaker for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android or other Bluetooth devices that fits in a pocket. Developed by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther, foxLv2 PLATINUM is the latest in the award-winning foxL series (TIME Magazine’s Top Ten Gadget of the Year). foxLv2 PLATINUM takes “go anywhere” listening to a new level with new performance features, including advancements in streamed Bluetooth for CD quality music, new audiophile cabling, and extended battery life. foxL PLATINUM is the only portable speaker capable of taking full advantage of CSR® apt-X’s dramatic improvement in streamed Bluetooth signal from apt-X equipped devices for virtual CD quality, along with improved sound/picture sync for movies and gaming. The perfect travel companion, you can bring foxL PLATINUM with you wherever you go on the road to listen to high quality music in a hotel room, at the beach, for presentations, and to listen to music in every room in the house without a stereo. Dream Theater Keyboardist Jordan Rudess, Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Richard Fortus and The Great Kat Shred Guitar Goddess use foxL as a personal practice amp.
Pricing: $249 foxL PLATINUM Special Edition
Website: www.soundmatters.com
Available at: www.soundmatters.com & online retailers, including Amazon.com, Frontgate.com, Crutchfield, Thinkgeek.com and more
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/soundmatters/soundmattersplatinumrelease.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Soundmatters/114947155236305
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/foxLspeaker
• FOR GETTING FIT: iBike POWERHOUSE Cycling Fitness System
A unique gift for anyone that wants to get fit, Velocomp’s iBike POWERHOUSE™ complete fitness system for your bike is the only fitness system that helps you get into shape by combining precision cycling power measurements with a personalized cycling program designed around your fitness levels and goals to give you maximum results in the minimum amount of time. The revolutionary iBike POWERHOUSE works with any iPhone or iPod touch to measure, guide, and motivate to achieve important health, appearance, and fitness goals on a bike. Available at Apple Stores, Amazon.com and online at www.iBikePOWERHOUSE.com, iBike POWERHOUSE includes a water and shock resistant case with patented electronics that perform all cycling measurements, a handle-bar mount that securely attaches the case to any bike, a wireless speed/cadence sensor, the iBike POWERHOUSE app that tracks performance, cycling speed, distance, time, calories, shows maps, a built-in calendar that keeps track of cycling and fitness stats, and two built-in fitness plans: iSlim® and CycleMAX® so you can get started right away. Additional fitness plans are available on iTunes: Express FitnessTM, Brazilian Butt®, Weekend WarriorTM and Zero to 20TM (miles in 3 weeks).

Pricing: $279
Website: www.iBikePOWERHOUSE.com or www.ibikesports.com
Available at: Apple Stores and on-line at www.iBikePOWERHOUSE.com
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/ibike/ibikepowerhouseshippingrelease.html
Photos: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/velocompibikepowerhousephoto2.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iBikePowerMeters Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/iBikepower
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Velocompibike
• FOR SOLAR READING ON A KINDLE: SolarKindle Solar Powered Kindle Case with Much Needed Pop-Up LED Lamp
The perfect gift for a friend, coworker or family member that loves reading with a Kindle, SolarKindle is the world’s first solar powered e-reader cover. SolarKindle uses solar power to let everyone read on a Kindle for 3 months unplugged. It also features a much-needed pop-up LED reading lamp that makes it easy to read books and magazines night or day on a Kindle or Kindle touch for up to 50 hours without using the Kindle’s main battery, and also features an additional built-in reserve battery for extra security.
Pricing: $79.99
Website: www.solarmio.com
Available at: www.solarmio.com and www.amazon.com
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/solarfocus/solarfocussolarkindleshippingrelease.html
SolarKindle: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/solarfocuskindle.html
SolarKindle Lifestyle Photo: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/solarfocuskindlereading.html
SolarKindle for Kindle touch Photo 3: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/solarfocuskindletouch3.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/solarfocus
iShower is a Bluetooth® enabled, water-resistant speaker for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and other Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets. The iShower speaker is water-resistant, so you can use it in the shower, by the pool or even at the beach, while keeping your iPod or other device safe up to 200-feet away from the water. Created by iDevices, it also features a built-in clock display, with buttons that let you control the music on your iPod or other device while in the shower, with controls for play, pause, forward, and back. Quick and easy to attach in your shower with a Grab-n-Go mount, iShower pairs up to five devices, enabling anyone to listen to streaming music from his/her playlist, music app or favorite online service from multiple devices around the home.

Pricing: $99.99
Website: www.ishowerinc.com
Available at: www.ishowerinc.com
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/idevices/idevicesishowerrelease.html
Photo: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/idevicesishowerphoto.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iShowerPage
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/idevicesinc?feature=results_main
• FOR PARTIES, BBQs, & GOURMET COOKING: iGrill Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
A great hostess gift, iGrill is the world’s first wireless cooking thermometer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via long-range Bluetooth (over 200 feet) and App-enabled connection. iGrill from iDevices turns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into your own personal sous-chef, enabling you to multitask between a BBQ grill or oven and guests with the peace of mind that your food is perfectly cooked, at target temperature and safe for consumption.
Pricing: $79.99
Website: www.igrillinc.com
Available at: www.igrillinc.com and Apple Stores
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/idevices/igrillapronrelease.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iGrillPage Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/iGrillTweets
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/idevicesinc?feature=results_main
• FOR ARTISTIC TYPES: ArtRage for iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC – Art Software & App on the Go
ArtRage lets anyone with an iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC become a digital artist. Upgraded for the new iPad’s full Retina high-res display, Ambient Design’s ArtRage lets creative people experiment with art, actually paint on an iPad or other digital “canvas” with oil painting effects that smear and blend and watercolor strokes that merge to create soft, wet gradations (available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac/Windows desktop computers).
Pricing: ArtRage for iPad: $6.99, ArtRage for iPhone: $1.99, ArtRage 3.5 Studio for Mac/Windows $29.90, ArtRage Studio Pro for Mac/Windows $59.90
Website: www.artrage.com
Available at: www.artrage.com & Apple iTunes Store
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/ambientdesign/artrageforipad14release.html
Photos: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/ambientdesignipadstarwar.html
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/artragetv
Facebook: www.facebook.com/artrage Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ArtRage_Radar
The GoSmart RestPad is an innovative new mouse pad with a luxurious sheepskin wrist rest designed to give soothing comfort and ultimate pressure relief while using a computer’s mouse. A perfect gift for anyone using a computer for hours a day or for those with repetitive wrist injury or Carpal Tunnel, the RestPad provides ultimate pressure relief, validated to relieve over twice as much pressure as other wrist rests, as tested with advanced tactile array sensors that measured the contact pressures underneath the wrist. The GoSmart RestPad fits your décor, available in tan microfiber, pink microfiber, or brown microfiber. Surprise your girlfriend, wife, friend, sister, or co-worker with the pink furry GoSmart RestPad or brown or tan RestPad as a gift and show that you care about their comfort!
• Ultimate Pressure Relief
• Warm, Soft & Breathable Sheepskin
• High quality, large, and stable construction
• In Pink, tan or brown.

Pricing: $24.95
Website: www.justgosmart.com
Avalable at: http://justgosmart.com/store/ or through www.amazon.com
Photos: GoSmart RestPad 3 Colors: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartrestpad3colors.html
GoSmart RestPad - Brown: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartrestpadbrown.html GoSmart RestPad - Beige: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartrestpadbeige.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JustGoSmart
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/justgosmart


The Award-winning Kidz Gear Headphones are now available in an assortment of fun colors to choose from, including pink, orange, blue, green, purple and the original gray. Parents will appreciate how the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids help keep children safe, quiet and busy while playing with their iPod, iPad, DVD player and other devices at home or on the road. They feature the unique KidzControl™ Volume Limit Technology for ensuring the safest listening experience while helping to protect children’s hearing.

Pricing: $19.99
Website: www.gearforkidz.com
Available at: www.Amazon.com, http://www.InMotionstores.com and www.GearForKidz.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kidz-Gear/117532751631705

• FOR PRO PHOTOGRAPHERS & ARTISTS: Expand Your Services - Print on Canvas at Wholesale Prices

CG Pro Prints lets pro photographers and artists expand their services by offering very affordable wholesale services to print their original work on canvas. CG Prints provides world-class manufacturing expertise, engineering, and materials science, and an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art printing equipment that can produce more than a million square-feet of prints a day, with prices starting at only $12.99 for a 10x10 canvas.

Pricing: starting at $12.99
Website: www.cgproprints.com
Available at: www.cgproprints.com
Bride Canvas: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/cgproprintsbridecanvas.html
CG Pro Prints Logo: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/cgproprintslogo.html
Canvas Gallery Wrap: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/cgproprintscanvasgallery.html
Canvas Close-up: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/cgproprintscanvasclosed.html
Back of Canvas: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/cgproprintscanvas.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/CgProPrints

• FOR MUSICIANS: The Great Kat - World’s Fastest Female Guitarist with Over 1 Million YouTube Views of Shred/Classical Music!

The Great Kat, the Juilliard Grad Violin Virtuoso/World’s Fastest Guitar Shredder, honored by Spin Magazine with a Star in the "GUITAR HERO GALAXY” (June 2012) and awarded “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” by Guitar One Magazine, is music that guitar shredders and rockers love. YOUTUBE Launches “YOUTUBE-THE GREAT KAT” CHANNEL at http://www.youtube.com/channel/HCuJG9jO1nSCE/featured with over 1 million YouTube views at http://www.youtube.com/user/KthomasPR. The Great Kat’s new “BEETHOVEN SHREDS” CD showcases Classical music shredded on the guitar & violin, including Beethoven, Bach, Paganini and more and is now featured in the new exhibit “AMERICA’S BEETHOVEN EXHIBIT” at The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies at San Jose State University. The Great Kat has new instructional YouTube videos with Guitar Tablature/Music Notation, at:
-“The Flight of The Bumble-Bee” http://youtu.be/oteJe3Yum1I and http://youtu.be/sGUQyKBMklA
-Paganini’s “Caprice #24” http://youtu.be/6uDPPz12sFw
-Beethoven's “5th Symphony” http://youtu.be/JA2kmV4QH2I
-Bach’s “Brandenburg Concerto #3” http://youtu.be/9etszc4VjcQ

Pricing: “Beethoven Shreds CD: $7.95
Website: www.greatkat.com
Available at: Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Beethoven-Shreds-Great-Kat/dp/B0055V0G9E/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1308161101&sr=1-1, Great Kat Website: www.greatkat.com, iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/great-kat/id384709526, and stores worldwide by Music Video Distributors: http://mvdb2b.com/s/GreatKatBeethovenShreds/TPR0006
Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/greatkat/greatkatbeethovenshredsworldwide.html
Beethoven Shreds CD Cover: http://www.greatkat.com/beethovenshredscd.jpg
The Great Kat Guitar Shredder: http://www.thomas-pr.com/greatkat/paganini2logo.jpg
Great Kat Guitar Tablature Photos: http://www.greatkat.com/08/guitartab/bachsbrandenburgconcerto59.jpg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/greatkatguitarshredder Twitter: http://twitter.com/greatkatguitar
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KthomasPR


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