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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, November 28 2020 @ 12:27 PM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, November 28 2020 @ 12:27 PM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Corrupt Practices, A Parker Stern Novel By Robert Rotstein

Parker Stern’s legal career is on the rise. But when his mentor Harmon Cherry commits suicide, Parker begins experiencing stage fright so severe that he becomes paralyzed whenever he steps into a courtroom. Unable to work, he languishes at a coffee house that is owned by his former law partner (and occasional lover) Deanna Poulos.

“This is a terrific book. Just terrific. Robert Rotstein has come up with a fresh take on the legal thriller and he does a first-rate job. Parker Stern is a complex and well-developed protagonist and the story is beautifully structured for
maximum intrigue and suspense."
—Sue Grafton

His down time is interrupted when he receives a puzzling phone call from Rich Baxter, an estranged ex-colleague. Baxter is in jail, charged with embezzling millions from the Church of the Sanctified Assembly, a powerful cult that Parker despises. Despite the tension between the two men, Baxter asks Parker to represent him. At their first meeting, Baxter shocks Parker by claiming that Harmon Cherry did not commit suicide, but was murdered by someone connected to the Assembly. Parker doesn’t believe this until a horrifying event changes his mind.
Ultimately, Parker agrees to do battle against the Sanctified Assembly in a lawsuit. As he uncovers the truth behind the deaths of his friends, Parker must overcome his own long-buried secrets and deep-seated fears.

New York Times bestselling authors are raving about CORRUPT PRACTICES!

"Robert Rotstein has created an unforgettable character in attorney Parker Stern. He's unlike anyone I've read in literature.Corrupt Practices is an intelligent, fast-paced, exciting thriller with an intricate plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending had my heart pounding. I stayed up late, finished it in two sittings, and wished there had been more."
—Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of Murder One
"Be prepared to put everything down and read through the night. Rotstein is a master of lightning-fast plot shifts and startling characterizations. Sexy, riveting, and keenly crafted, Corrupt Practices is well worth the insomnia."
—Terri Cheney, New York Times bestselling author of Manic

Robert Rotstein grew up in Culver City, California, then the location of the famed MGM Studios and so the true “Hollywood.” At an early age, he became hooked on legal dramas—not only Perry Mason, the archetype of the legal mystery, but also on the politically charged The Defenders and lesser known shows like Judd for the Defense, The Young Lawyers, and The Trials of O’Brien—lawyers solving crimes and doing justice. Perhaps this early combination of life in an entertainment-company town and fascination with the lawyer-as-hero made it inevitable that Rotstein would one day become an attorney whose practice focuses on the entertainment industry, and later a writer of legal thrillers.
Rotstein earned an undergraduate degree from UCLA and graduated with honors from the UCLA School of Law, where he was an editor of the law review. After graduation, he was a law clerk to the Honorable Anthony M. Kennedy, then Circuit Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and currently Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
Rotstein then went into private practice with a Beverly Hills law firm whose practice focused on the entertainment industry and copyright law. Over the course of his career, Rotstein has handled lawsuits on behalf of Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Lionel Ritchie, John Sayles, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, James Cameron, and all the major motion picture studios, among others. He authored a law review article that explores the relationship between literary theory and copyright law, and has taught as an adjunct professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, California. Rotstein is currently a partner in a major Los Angeles law firm, where he co-chairs the firm’s intellectual property department. In February 2013 he obtained summary judgment on behalf of writer-director James Cameron and his company in a lawsuit involving the blockbuster motion picture Avatar.
Corrupt Practices is Rotstein’s first novel. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his family, where he’s at work on the next Parker Stern novel.

CORRUPT PRACTICES: A Parker Stern Novel For publicity queries, contact Elena Stokes
By Robert Rotstein Founding Partner, Wunderkind PR
Seventh Street Books; June 11, 2013 [email protected]
 ISBN: 978-1-61614-791-4; 378 Pages 917.887.0784


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