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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, November 28 2020 @ 12:11 PM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, November 28 2020 @ 12:11 PM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Powerocks Unveils Smart Power At CES

Intelligent Portable Power Bank with iOS & Android App to Analyze Battery Status
Smart Alert Reminds You When to Charge –
Lets You Post Battery Status, Emails, & Texts to Facebook, Twitter and Blogs Always Know Exact Battery Life of Smart Phones & Tablets – No More Guessing

Powerocks www.powerocksusa.com www.powerocks.com, a leading manufacturer of fashionable power banks, announced today Smart Power 5200mAh colorful, portable and light-weight power banks that charge smart phones, tablets, and other devices on the go. Smart Power includes an intelligent iOS & Android App that precisely analyzes a device’s battery life, so you never have to worry about running out of batteries while on the go. With its 5200mAh capacity, Smart Power doubles the battery life of Android, Apple, HTC, and Blackberry smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffer for Staying Safe & Connected to Friends & Relatives

Available in a Wide Variety of Six Candy Colors
Smart Power provides the exact battery status on your Apple and Android device’s screen while charging, so there’s no more guessing. Smart Power precisely indicates remaining power with the APK (Android Application Package File) and App called Powerocks. The power bank’s remaining battery capacity, status, voltage, charging time, remaining time, power evaluation, use frequency, percentage of remaining capacity, temperature, average current, and health index is displayed. Smart Power lets you check your battery’s status everywhere, anytime.

Powerful App Reminds You to Charge Your Phone – Automatically Sets up “Do Not Disturb” During Overnight Charging
The Smart Power Powerocks App not only calculates capacity, but it also reminds you to charge your phone by sending you an alert and automatically sets to “do not disturb” during night charging. In addition, Smart Power now provides a popular share function that lets you post the phone’s battery status, text messages, and emails to Facebook and Twitter (for Apple and Android), and Chinese social media and blogging sites Q Zone, Sina, Tencent, Renren and Douban (Android only).

Smart Power also includes standard LED indicators to show the approximate available power of the power bank charger, which includes a fast charging feature. Fashionably designed, about the size of a makeup compact, Smart Power is available in a wide variety of vibrant six candy color choices, including yellow, pink, purple, blue, red, and silver. Smart Power is the perfect stocking stuffer for friends and relatives that you truly care about and want to make sure stay safe and connected when away from home.
Smart Power Features:
• Android and iOS app analyzes exact battery status of device.
• Charges most smart phones, tablets and other devices.
• Large 5200mAh capacity fully charges iPods, iPhones and iPads.
• Maximum output of 2.1A, with input of 1.5A.
• Portable and Lightweight, with dimensions of 4.2” x 1.7” x 1” (109 x 44.7 x 25mm).
• Fast charging.
• LED lights indicate power bank available capacity.
• Fashionable, available in a wide variety of six candy colors (silver, yellow, pink, purple, blue, and red).
Flash Magicstick to be Introduced at CES 2014 in Las Vegas
Powerocks will introduce Flash Magicstick at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held Jan. 7-10, 2014 in Las Vegas, at the Powerocks/Cham Battery Booth #6432 (North Hall) and #35469 (South Hall 4).

To schedule press meetings at CES, contact: Karen Thomas/Eva Yutani/Bill Kouwenhoven [email protected], [email protected] [email protected]

Pricing and Availability

Powerocks Smart Power will be available February 2014 for $79.99 from www.powerocksusa.com, www.powerocks.com, www.amazon.com and other stores. Super Power comes with 2 Micro USB/USB ports, a Micro USB/USB cable, water resistant pouch, and user manual. In addition, Powerocks also offers a complete line of power banks with capacities up to 12000 mAh, including the Magic Cube, Stone3, Rose Stone, Super Magicstick, Flash Magicstick and more. See Website: www.powerocksusa.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/powerocksusa, Twitter: @powerocksusa for information on all Powerocks’ products.

About Powerocks
Powerocks is the manufacturer of high-end power products, with over 10 years of experience developing lithium ion battery products. Powerocks’ philosophy is to create products encouraging freedom for “The attitude of free life.” Established in 2003, the Powerocks brand was registered in the USA in 2009. Powerocks has their own R&D center and industrial park located in ShenZhen, China. As one of the most famous power bank brands, Powerocks focuses on developing high quality and well-designed smart power banks. Powerocks products are international best-sellers, with all products certified UL, CE, SGS, and Apple authorized with MFI licenses. For more information, see www.powerocksusa.com


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