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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Tuesday, November 21 2017 @ 02:49 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Tuesday, November 21 2017 @ 02:49 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

The Community Chest Receives Grant From Investors Foundation

(Englewood, New Jersey; July 28, 2017)--The Community Chest announces the organization has received a grant award of $10,000 from Investors Foundation.  The grant will support the nonprofit organization's implementation of a new strategic plan to expand its work in the area.

"This grant will help The Community Chest implement our strategic plan, with a specific focus on the sponsorship of an Issues Summit.  The results of the Summit will be analyzed and then used to prioritize The Chest's work for the coming years.  Funding priorities will also be examined to ensure they align with real community needs," explained Dr. Shelly Wimpfheimer, Executive Director, The Community Chest.

"We, at Investors Bank, are happy to be able to award this grant of $10,000 to The Community Chest to support the implementation of their strategic plan.  We are always proud to assist organizations like The Community Chest in their mission to help other nonprofits," said Stacey B. Goldberg, Assistant VP, Branch Manager Englewood Branch of Investors Bank.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

            With the motto "Neighbors Helping Neighbors", The Chest's mission is to lead initiatives and support nonprofits that make communities stronger and benefit the people of eastern Bergen County in New Jersey.  Established in September 1933, the founders' vision was to fill a chest with individuals and businesses' generous contributions and to empty the contents by awarding grant funds to support worthy projects led by local nonprofits in the area.  Funds raised in The Chest's annual campaign support nonprofits' programs providing social, cultural, recreational, and educational services to residents in the area. 

            Each year, The Community Chest undertakes its mission with increased generosity to help people in need in eastern Bergen County.  The Chest’s Board of Managers implements a thorough process of screening, research, and monitoring to assure the funds raised are directed to the most worthy programs and the areas of greatest need.

            For more information about The Chest, visit the organization's web site, www.thecommunitychestofenglewood.org, or call the office at 201-568-7474.  

 About The Community Chest

            For over 80 years, The Community Chest, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, has supported local not-for-profit agencies.  The Chest leads initiatives and supports nonprofits that make our communities stronger and benefit people in need in eastern Bergen County.  Each year, The Chest raises funds and allocates them to agencies demonstrating the capacity to provide services to local citizens.  The organization also provides coordinating and planning services in its communities, serving as a bridge between agencies and organizations and investing in the stability and quality of the service network. 

            For further information about The Chest, visit www.communitychestofenglewood.org or contact (201) 568-7474.  Stay updated about the organization's activities on Facebook and Twitter.

photo caption: Stacey B. Goldberg (right), Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager with the Investor's Bank Englewood Branch, congratulates Dr. Shelly Wimpfheimer (left), Executive Director of The Community Chest, upon receiving a grant award from the Investors Foundation.

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