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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Thursday, September 21 2017 @ 12:02 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Thursday, September 21 2017 @ 12:02 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Florence Pappas, Secretary to the Mayors


One might call Flo Pappas a fixture at Paramus Borough Hall. She has been there since December 20, 1970 starting? with then Mayor Charlie Reid. She has since been secretary to Mayors Joe Cipolla, Cliff Gennarelli and now Jim Tedesco. One may ask ?Why is it that I stay working??. The answer is simple! I have always? been treated with respect and kindness by the four mayors and approximately 40 Council Members.

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Free Mini Physical offered

Click on the above picture to view a slide show.

Did you know that when you contribute blood, whole or platelets, at Community Blood Services that you and your blood go through many life saving processes?

When you visit the Blood Bank at 970 Linwood Avenue in Paramus or their facility in Goshen, NY, or for that matter have one of their Bloodmobiles visit your premises, they not only take down your health data and check your blood pressure, cholesterol and pulse, your blood is tested for viral diseases such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and social diseases such as venereal contacts.

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Restaurants in the Neighborhood

Applebee Restaurant, Fashion Center (201-447-8813)
Biagio's Ristorante, 299 Paramus Rd. (201-652-0201)
Blimpie, Rte 4 (201-843-4417)
Boston Market, 743 Rte 17 (201-445-6633)
Burger King, 165 Rte 4 (201-226-0487)
California Pizza Kitchen, Garden State Plaza (201-587-0005)
Caruso's Tuscan Grill, 65 Rte 4 E. (201-556-9111)
Chic-Fil-A, Paramus Park (201-967-9494)
Chicken Fireplace Restaurant, (201-444-3434)
Chili's Grill & Bar,? Rte 17 (201-226-0600)
Cinnabon, Garden State Plaza (201-291-0666)
El Cid Restaurant, 205 Paramus Rd (201-843-0123)
Fireplace Restaurant (201-444-2362)
Forum Cafe-Restaurant, Rte 4 W (201-845-8850)
Fuddruckers, 282 Rte 4 E (201-343-4533)
Hooters Restaurant, 395 Rte 17 S (201-986-1530)
Joe's American Bar & Grill,? GSP (201-843-8858)
Johnny Rockets, GSP (201-291-1700)
Kiku Restaurant, 120 Rte 4 (201-845-8008)
La Bella Roma Pizzeria, 35 N Farview (201-843-8687)
Max's Cafe Radisson Inn (201-262-6900)
Namaskaar Indian Restaurant (201-342-8868)
Napa Valley Grille, Garden State Plaza (201-845-5555)
Nathan's, Garden State Plaza (201-845-6266)
Nathan's Famous, Paramus Park (201-261-4433)
On The Border Mex. Cafe 71 Rte 17 (201-368-3380)
Orange Lantern, 15 Firehouse Lane (201-652-4443) (website)
Oriental Grill, Bergen Mall (201-843-0208)
Panda Express Garden State Plaza (201-291-1145)
Panera Bread, Paramus Park (201-576-9779)
Paparazzi Restaurant, Garden State Plaza (201-843-0990)
Pier 17, 464 Rte 17 N (201-967-1079)
Pine Hill Restaurant, 123 Paramus Rd. (201-843-0170)
Pizzeria Uno/Chicago Bar? Grill, Mall at 4 (201-488-9494)
Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuit,? Rte 17 N (201-447-9885)
Ruby Tuesday Restaurant, Garden State Plaza (201-909-0886)
Sportsworld Restaurant, 200 Rte 17 (201-265-8555)
Suburban Diner, 172 Rte 17 N (201-261-2605)
Tin's House of Paramus, 98 Rdgwd Av (201-262-2262)
Tom Sawyer Restaurant, 98 Rdgwd Av (201-262-0111)
Wendy's Old Fashion Hamburgers, 190 Rte 4 E (201-368-0031)

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The Dream Team of www.ParamusPost.com


After attending the Chinese New Year celebration at Trinity Presbyterian Church, several of us Rotarians decided that on the 4th Sunday of every month, we would celebrate with fellow Rotarian, Reverend Sam Stone by attending his service. Last month being Easter, I must admit to being remiss about it. I was reminded!

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The birth of the Paramus Scholarship Show

mel3.jpg“Say Wes, I just came across a wonderful idea.”, I remarked to Wes Van Pelt, the Board of Education Secretary. We had bumped into each other at the Bergen Mall, then Paramus’ major shopping center. That was the beginning of what has become an annual scholarship fundraising event.

I had come across the idea of having churches and organizations contributing an act each and donating the monies to scholarship. Wes translated it into the PT Council which consisted of all the PTA and PTO’s in town. With his suggestion, I appeared before the Council with the germ of an idea. They liked it. Superintendent of Schools George Hodgins approved it and assigned Memorial School principal, Bill Dunn as his representative.

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Council Woman Mrs. Connie Wagner

Connie Wagner
Connie Wagner
My life has been devoted to my family, education and the community of Paramus.  I graduated from Trenton State College in 1970 as a Social/English education major.  Within two weeks of graduating college, I married my husband Richard and we have been married for the past 34 years.  We have three children: Robert, John and Michelle.  My husband and I moved to Paramus in 1974 and we have remained at the same address: 425 Gregory Road.  We fell in love with a small ranch and we have added on as the family grew.  We love the neighborhood and we never had the urge to move.

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Deputy Chief of Police Richard J. Cary


Richard Cary was practically born into police work. His father was a member of the Paramus Police Department from 1956 to 1981. It was almost a natural for him to follow in his father’s footsteps, even more natural for his innate ability and talents to achieve the rank of Deputy Chief.

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