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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, January 27 2021 @ 04:30 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, January 27 2021 @ 04:30 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.No Gab Zone
Tip of the Week: One group of muscles you want to avoid working at the gym is those of the jaw. I consider myself to be a fairly gregarious fellow. I especially enjoy chatting with people who share my love of exercise — just not in the gym. Or, if ...
by Joe Weider on 10/09 08:31AM - Story - 2,269 Hits
2.Know When to Take a Day Off
Tip of the Week: Tired, achy, lethargic? Put down that weight, and step away from the gym! Although this week's tip might not apply to everyone, if you're like me, it can be a very beneficial one to always keep in mind. You see, as a devoted trainer, I often ...
by Joe Weider on 06/19 07:14AM - Story - 2,121 Hits
3.A Teen Can Not Grow on Shakes Alone
Tip of the Week: If it doesn't bring you joy, don't do it. I hear so many people complaining about how they have to drag themselves to the gym or force themselves to go outside for a run. To me, that's no way to live. I can't imagine having to ...
by Joe Weider on 05/12 06:24AM - Story - 2,418 Hits
4.Ordinary Fruits Just as Good as "Super" Ones
Tip of the Week: Read the label before buying that food or beverage! So many of us are accustomed to walking into the grocery store and simply pulling packages off the shelves and throwing them in our baskets without checking anything more than the price. That needs to change.
by Joe Weider on 04/04 06:34PM - Story - 1,304 Hits
5.Going to the Gym Vs. Home Workouts
Tip of the Week: If you're looking to reach a goal, take a page from the book of Arnold. I've known Arnold Schwarzenegger for over 40 years, and in that time I have never known a person more driven to succeed than him. Through a unique combination of drive, discipline ...
by Joe Weider on 03/27 07:34AM - Story - 3,502 Hits
6.Working Around an Injury
Tip of the Week: Let your workouts serve as a form of therapy, mental as well as physical. What those who haven't made exercise a part of their regular routine don't understand about those who have is that exercise doesn't have to be considered a chore. In fact, for many ...
by Joe Weider on 02/07 06:00AM - Story - 1,762 Hits
7.Bodybuilding the Key to Good Health
Tip of the Week: This week I want to discuss not so much a tip, as a bit of news. In the Dec. 19 online edition of NYTimes.com, columnist Tara Parker-Pope wrote about a piece in the esteemed medical journal Lancet Oncology that revealed a study in which a correlation ...
by Joe Weider on 01/02 05:00AM - Story - 2,259 Hits
8.Are Gyms Breeding Grounds for Germs?
Tip of the Week: Enjoy the holiday party — just make sure to get back to work come Monday. There's no use in depriving yourself the joys of the season if that's going to cause you stress and worry. Most likely you'll be invited to one or more holiday parties ...
by Joe Weider on 12/24 12:58AM - Story - 1,777 Hits
9.Weightlifting and Martial Arts
Tip of the Week: Devote a day a week to training your "weak parts." It's easy to devote time to training your strengths. If you have powerful legs, you'll probably find yourself devoting time to them before another body part. Likewise, if you are in particularly good shape from a ...
by Joe Weider on 12/13 07:22AM - Story - 1,809 Hits
10.Workout Tips for an Octogenarian
Tip of the Week: Pay attention to all aspects of your exercise form. A break in good form can lead to a loss in productivity or, worse, injury. Take, for example, as basic an exercise as the squat. On the surface, it seems like a fairly straightforward exercise to perform: ...
by Joe Weider on 11/28 06:31AM - Story - 1,751 Hits
11.Prevent Dry Skin by Staying Hydrated
Tip of the Week: Embrace change, don't shy away from it. Change is intrinsic to life. It is required of every living thing on this planet. Change happens constantly, as we digest, repair, grow, rehydrate, respirate, excrete, process, shed and age, every single day. Change is inevitable to life, and ...
by Joe Weider on 11/16 07:19AM - Story - 1,719 Hits
Tip of the Week: Don't be afraid to incorporate free-weight lifting into your training routine, as opposed to using machines only. I see many novice fitness enthusiasts relying almost solely on exercise machines, never venturing into the barbell and dumbbell area of the gym. While machines can be very effective ...
by Joe Weider on 11/08 05:30AM - Story - 1,844 Hits
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