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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, September 23 2020 @ 05:58 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, September 23 2020 @ 05:58 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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PERFORMANCE AND FESTIVE DESSERT RECEPTION SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, FAIR LAWN JEWISH CENTER/CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL The music of movies and Broadway is recognized by all --- with many singing along.  “From Stage to Screen” is a performance highlighting those much beloved songs featuring musical theater performers from national, regional and Broadway ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 10/28 06:43PM - Story - 1,942 Hits
2.EarthCam Releases Official Time-Lapse of MetLife Stadium
WHAT: The big game, and arguably the biggest sporting event of the year, is right around the corner. On Super Bowl Sunday, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will go head to head at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for the chance to win the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy. Serving ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 01/27 03:50PM - Story - 1,815 Hits
3.Bombing: What The Investigation Missed – and Why It Still Matters
In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, law enforcement is under indescribable pressure to solve the case as quickly and neatly as possible. But, according to Andrew Gumbel, co-author of Oklahoma City: What The Investigation Missed – and Why It Still Matters, just out in paperback from HarperCollins, history ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 04/16 05:55PM - Story - 909 Hits
4.Dumb and Dangerous: America's Fast Pass for Saudi Arabia
Michelle Malkin It's business as usual in the post-9/11 world. Your federal government is back to pandering to wealthy travelers from Saudi Arabia. In the eyes of our massive homeland security apparatus, the comfort of Saudis is a higher priority than the safety of American citizens. And thanks to reckless, ...
by Michelle Malkin on 03/23 07:18PM - Story - 925 Hits
5.Big-City Fireworks and Beaches Dominate Priceline.com’s List of the Most Popular Destinations for July 4th 2012
Big cities, with their spectacular fireworks displays, and beaches from Key West to Maui, dominate priceline.com’s (Nasdaq: PCLN) 2012 list of the top 50 destinations for the upcoming July 4th holiday.
by Mel Fabrikant on 06/26 05:14PM - Story - 1,125 Hits
6.20th Annual Young Playwrights Festival at Bergen Community College, June 7, 2012
Spend an evening with young, talented playwrights whose theatrical endeavors showcase the creative abilities of local elementary, middle school and high school students. The 20th Annual Young Playwrights Festival of Bergen County will be held at Bergen Community College on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 8 p.m. in the Anna ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 05/24 05:32PM - Story - 1,433 Hits
7.New Children’s Book Confirms Home Is Where Heart Is, Regardless Of Age
“The Amazing Adventure of Paddy Platypus” by Tom de Paolo is a tender and amusing story for children that follows a talented, traveling platypus
by Mel Fabrikant on 05/02 09:58AM - Story - 804 Hits
8.2 members of Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles, ® Adventure came off the ice to visit patients at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s
The Incredibles Two members of Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles, the favorite super family, who star in Disney On Ice presents a Disneyland® Adventure, recently took time off from the ice to visit patients at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC). The superheroes, Mr. and Mrs. ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 03/28 03:20PM - Story - 5,972 Hits
9.Hunter Douglas Honored in 2008 W3 Awards
~ Nation’s Leading Window Fashions Manufacturer Wins 2 Silver Awards for its iMagine™ Design Center ~ The W3 Awards honors creative excellence on the Web and is the first major Web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms and everyone in between. Contributing to the highly-esteemed ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 10/30 05:32AM - Story - 2,226 Hits
10.A Bourne-again thriller
'THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM' Jason Bourne's life and death is inextricably tied to water. He is originally fished out of it, unconscious and not knowing his own identity. He is nearly drowned as part of his CIA training. He watches as the love of his life floats away beneath a river. ...
by Robert J Hawkins on 12/10 02:35AM - Story - 1,517 Hits
11.Pirates 3: We want to get off
'PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN' Well, the blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy has come to a fitting conclusion with "At World's End" (Disney, 3 stars), and not a moment too soon. I'm afraid that if they come up with a surprise fourth episode, it will be "Pirates in Space" or ...
by Robert J Hawkins on 12/03 01:50AM - Story - 2,751 Hits
12.Sorry, kids, the party's over
JUST ONE LIMO? Birthday parties have gone from little gatherings with family and neighborhood friends to highly orchestrated and costly events, right up to the mind-boggling multithousand-dollar extravaganzas seen on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16." How do you handle your child's annual celebration, given ever-higher expectations?
by Anonymous on 09/27 01:55AM - Story - 2,369 Hits
13.'Grindhouse' movies make their way to DVD
DEATH PROOF So let me see if I've got this straight: directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are so hip that they really dig the cheap and cynical exploitation "B movies" of the 1950s to 1970s. They dig them so much that they made a couple themselves, and turned them ...
by Robert J Hawkins on 09/17 01:48AM - Story - 2,060 Hits
14.Maasai tribe urges lion conservation efforts
LION-MINDED Not long ago, when a lion would kill a cow or a goat being raised on the Mbirikani Group Ranch in Kenya, the natural and expected course would be for the owner of the dead livestock to hunt down and kill the lion. "If a lion kills a cow, ...
by J. Harry Jones on 08/20 12:30AM - Story - 2,760 Hits
15.Make the most of your bowl of cherries
BADA BING We are smack in the middle of it. Cherry season. And the window of opportunity to make pie and other desserts from the fresh fruit is narrow. May through August is peak cherry time. When George Geary was testing recipes for his new book, "The Complete Baking Cookbook: ...
by Anonymous on 07/14 01:12AM - Story - 2,392 Hits
16.'Meet the Robinsons'
'MEET THE ROBINSONS' Many of the digitally shot movies, even those high on effects, are not filmed for serious depth of field. They look pancaked. And so the 3-D effects of a cartoon movie like "Meet the Robinsons" really stand out. And up, enjoyably. This Disney release animated in the ...
by Nina Garin on 04/06 02:22AM - Story - 1,963 Hits
17.Oscar in hand, Drexler went his own way
JORGE DREXLER Suppose you are Jorge Drexler, and you even have his boyish face at 42. So far, your musical career has been notable, but you've never really experienced mainstream fame and commercial success. Suddenly, you win an Oscar with the song "Al Otro Lado del Rio," featured in "The ...
by Anonymous on 03/24 02:05AM - Story - 1,930 Hits
18.'Caribbean' cruise needs a sunset ending
'PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN’ Just how long will they make us wait to see the conclusion to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy? Lord knows, as "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" (Buena Vista, 3 1/2 stars) concluded, our anti-hero Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and love birds Will Turner ...
by Robert J Hawkins on 12/04 12:34AM - Story - 2,588 Hits
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