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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Sunday, April 18 2021 @ 03:55 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Sunday, April 18 2021 @ 03:55 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.Agent Studio Has Enhanced Travel Websites with New Dynamic Hotel Information
Secaucus, New Jersey (April 16, 2021) – Northstar Travel Group announced today that Agent Studio, its dedicated travel-specific website solution and marketing platform for travel professionals, has integrated a robust level of hotel content providing the most relevant and comprehensive travel information. Agent Studio subscribers and their respective website visitors can ...
by Post on 04/17 08:57PM - Story - 71 Hits
, AND EMPATHY IN MANAGING CHANGE DURING PANDEMIC In this article by Professor Byron K. Hargrove, PhD, Professor of Social Sciences, Berkeley College Division of General Education, and Director, Berkeley College Honors Program, Hargrove writes about what he has learned teaching college students during the COVID-19 pandemic.
by Post on 03/23 03:36PM - Story - 317 Hits
3.The Real Thing: Student Wins Coca-Cola Scholarship
PARAMUS, N.J. – Bergen Community College student Genesis Capellan has earned recognition as a 2021 Coca-Cola Gold Scholar, securing a $1,500 scholarship from the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society of two-year colleges. Though more than 2,000 applicants vied for the honor, only 50 received the ...
by Post on 03/23 03:13PM - Story - 623 Hits
4.Student Research Seeks to Solve Pandemic Puzzle
... not stop a group of biology students from conducting research on the very topic that prevented their on-campus work: COVID-19. The scientific community took notice, publishing their article, “Microbiology of COVID-19: Chronicle of an Announced Pandemic,” in American Pharmaceutical Review, a leading pharmaceutical industry review journal for business and technology.
by Post on 12/22 05:17PM - Story - 180 Hits
AND CIO LEONARD DE BOTTON ON TECHNOLOGY APPROACH TO PREPARING FOR PANDEMIC Toggle, a quarterly business-to-business journal, spoke in-depth with Leonard DeBotton, Senior Vice President, Information Systems and CIO at Berkeley College, about how the College’s pre-pandemic technology preparations set the stage for a smooth transition to remote learning and ...
by Post on 12/10 10:30AM - Story - 268 Hits
6.Lockdown Jewelry-Making to Lower Stress, Fire Creativity and Bring Families Together
Intro: “Protecting our mental health during lockdowns is key to survival. How many movies can we stream or video games can we play, which can stressful all by themselves? Finding a way to disconnect into peaceful and creative tasks is great method for unwinding and fueling our imagination.
by Post on 07/29 07:24PM - Story - 266 Hits
7.Real Women Have Curves or Las mujeres de verdad tienen curvas comes to Bergen Community College!
On October 18, 2019 at 7:30 pm Do you want to see a celebration of the female body and the power of women when they join together? Then, don’t miss the October 18 performance of REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES or LAS MUJERES DE VERDAD TIENEN CURVES!
by Post on 09/18 10:58AM - Story - 1,341 Hits
This summer, more than 150 Berkeley College Honors students presented research on widely debated topics including immigration, police brutality, human trafficking and the gender pay gap during research symposiums and poster sessions on the topic of “Unspoken Barriers in Social Justice.”
by Post on 09/10 07:16PM - Story - 200 Hits
9.Additional Stolen Vehicle Arrests in Paramus
The Paramus Police Department announces the arrest of Michael Acosta, 18 yoa, of Paterson NJ and Edras Mendoza, 20 yoa, of Passaic NJ, for the possession of stolen motor vehicles.
by Post on 08/02 01:29PM - Story - 420 Hits
10.Bergen Research on Brain Activity Makes Waves
PARAMUS, N.J. – “Transforming Health Through Music Therapy,” a project of Bergen Community College’s Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) honor society chapter, Alpha Epsilon Phi, will appear in the second edition of Civic Scholar: Phi Theta Kappa Journal of Undergraduate Research, the first journal of its kind dedicated to community college ...
by Post on 07/03 03:48PM - Story - 472 Hits
11.The Benares in Wyckoff, NJ
For those who live on this side of the Hudson, a trek to Manhattan is no longer needed to enjoy the dining experience that is Benares. The restaurant opened its doors in Tribeca in 2012 to much praise, prompting the owner, Inder Singh, to open up a new location in ...
by Cassandra Stone on 06/29 07:15PM - Story - 610 Hits
12.DFP Ad - Article Bottom Phone
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by Sam Stone on 10/13 11:27PM - Pages - 16,777,215 Hits
13.DFP Ad - Article Embed
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15.USA Today Magazine Features The Secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies (Romney & Wife Have Made
It must have been a long time ago that Tricia went to the temple, and/or she has a very bad memory. She gets about everything wrong. This article is very inaccurate. The poorest of journalism.
by Dwight Rogers on 07/20 05:27PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
16.Lenders Agree With Cfpb: Consumers Need More Information About Reverse Mortgages
... the Huffington Post, is that many seniors don’t actually understand terms. According to Fox Business, some lenders also don’t make it clear that the surviving children and spouse of a borrower have the right to buy the home at the appraised value if the occupant dies. Related article at: http://personalmoneynetwork.com/moneyblog/2012/06/28/cfpb-reverse-mortgages/
by Ales Logan on 06/30 03:20AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
17.Black Clergy And Other Concerned Christians Ask Governor Mitt Romney To Renounce His Racist Religion:
This article is nothing more than an idiotic and uninformed evangelical attempt to throw dirt on Mormons simply because they don't like what Mormons believe. I don't particularly care to way to waste my time answering such idiocy, however if you're interested, Stallion Cornell did take the time: http://stallioncornell.com/?p=1518
by Jason Beach on 03/11 09:50PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
18.Black Clergy And Other Concerned Christians Ask Governor Mitt Romney To Renounce His Racist Religion:
... and it erases all the darkness and all the views and all the thoughts of the past. They don't matter anymore. It doesn't make a particle of difference what anybody ever said about the Negro matter before the first day of June 1978. It is a new day and a ...
by Linda Fiatoa on 03/11 08:13PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
19.Brown-Bag lunch
A Sept. 21 article in Brandweek magazine reported that brown-bagging is at its highest level since 2001 because of the current economic woes and concerns over the increase in obesity rates. Photo by Nelvin Cepeda and Taryn Stone. Read the story
by Paramus Post on 10/09 08:57PM - Media Gallery - 1,092 Hits
Lylie Fisher took bubble-chamber images of trails left by subatomic particles and turned them into works of art by adding colored resins and varnishes. \'What attracted me was the interaction between the bubble tracks and the spaces they created,\' she said. CNS Photo courtesy of Lylie Fisher. Read the story
by Paramus Post on 03/09 05:09PM - Media Gallery - 1,805 Hits
21.Alison Brown
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by Paramus Post on 04/04 03:04PM - Media Gallery - 975 Hits
22.My Fair Lady
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by Paramus Post on 03/19 04:51PM - Media Gallery - 1,078 Hits
23.My Fair Lady
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24.My Fair Lady
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25.My Fair Lady
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