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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, October 21 2020 @ 11:38 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, October 21 2020 @ 11:38 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.UPS Foundation Invests in Plainfield Students' Futures at JA BizTown
June 2, 2015, Princeton, NJ  –  On May 19, a team of UPS employees from New Jersey delivered a special dose of JA’s financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship programming to students from Cedarbrook K-8 Center and Hubbard Middle School, both of Plainfield.
by Press Release on 06/04 12:40PM - Story - 1,634 Hits
2.Groundbreaking Report Details Economic Consequence Of Shifting Public Services To Private Providers
State and local governments, the traditional providers of public services, are sometimes now mere funders as they increasingly choose to contract with private corporations. Attempting to get costs down is the most common reason, although that often doesn’t happen. But the focus on fiscal impact has hidden the full consequences ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 03/12 03:58PM - Story - 902 Hits
3.Useful Tips On Claiming Compensation If Your Holiday Is Spoil
When we plan a holiday we all hope that it will turn out to be rejuvenating and a good stress-buster. But at times plans may not work in our favor. Tour operators may not be able to deliver their promises. At times, food is not palatable, and swimming pool may ...
by Angela Sanders on 01/28 04:55AM - Story - 2,320 Hits
4.Scenarios That Only An Accountant Can Handle
Although some companies don’t prefer to ask for help from them, hiring an accountant is mandatory in various situations. Despite what many companies assume, hiring an accountant really does prove to be value for money, especially as they give helpful advice. When a company is unsure if they should seek ...
by Angela Sanders on 11/12 06:39AM - Story - 1,085 Hits
5.How to Estimate Start-Up Costs for Your Company
... estimate the start-up costs for your company. Calculate Raw Materials A construction or carpentry company will need to purchase a lot of raw materials. By calculating the total sum of money which will probably have to be paid on raw materials, you will know an accurate figure and not roughly ...
by Angela Sanders on 04/26 01:43AM - Story - 1,347 Hits
6.The Many Maps Of The Brain
Your brain has at least four different senses of location – and perhaps as many as 10. And each is different, according to new research from the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The findings, published in the 6 December 2012 issue of ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 12/05 04:22PM - Story - 1,031 Hits
7.Acap Plan Innovations Drive Improvement On Measures Of Childhood Obesity
Improvements among health plans nationwide on measures of body mass index (BMI) assessment and nutritional counseling are a key theme spelled out in The State of Health Care Quality 2012 Report issued recently by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The improvements result from the aggregate efforts of Medicaid ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 11/01 07:12PM - Story - 1,324 Hits
8.Home Health Quality Initiative - Bergen/ Essex County Agency Receives High Scores In Caring For Seniors
BergenCare Home Health has achieved above state and national rankings in patient satisfaction, reducing re-hospitalizations, treating wounds and preventing pressure ulcers. These ratings are compiled and posted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
by Mel Fabrikant on 04/26 04:29PM - Story - 1,121 Hits
9.Greening Our Schools
Our children are growing up in a vastly different world from the one in which we grew up. By the time they graduate, much of what we taught them will be obsolete. Our country is in a period of transition, moving away from dependence on fossil fuels to a greener ...
by Shawn Dell Joyce on 11/09 06:59AM - Story - 1,719 Hits
10.'4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days'
'4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS, AND 2 DAYS' A film of brutal, breathtaking intelligence, a work of pellucid, shimmering art without a scintilla of compromise, "4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days" is surely one of the very best films of the year. And you can pick the year. Romania, 1987. ...
by Nina Garin on 02/29 03:54AM - Story - 2,150 Hits
11.Costner is chillingly perfect as serial killer 'Mr. Brooks'
'MR. BROOKS' "Finding someone you think would be fun to kill is a bit like, well it's a bit like falling in love. You meet a lot of candidates, and you like some of them, and they're nice. But they're not right. And that special one comes along, and your ...
by Robert J Hawkins on 10/22 05:11AM - Story - 2,942 Hits
12.Realistic visuals make 'Bioshock' great escape
Video Game Reviews Game: "Bioshock" Publisher: 2K Games System: Microsoft Xbox 360 Cost: $60 ESRB rating: M Review rating: 4 stars
by Anonymous on 09/19 01:36AM - Story - 2,701 Hits
13.Company helps calculate complex royalties for digital music sales
The music industry - upended by Internet piracy and new forms of digital distribution - now faces another hurdle in the era of iTunes, MP3s and ringtones: how to divvy up income from those sales. Some independent record labels are still using Excel spreadsheets to calculate royalties. Not the most ...
by Anonymous on 08/28 12:21AM - Story - 5,393 Hits
14.Can't beat the heat, or the laughs, in 'Hot Fuzz'
'HOT FUZZ' What's changed in five months? I attended a screening of the action/comedy/horror/buddy cop movie "Hot Fuzz" (Universal, 3 stars) and thought, "Well, that was pretty amusing. I wonder what's for dinner?" The other night I reluctantly re-watched the movie on my little Toshiba portable DVD player and I ...
by Robert J Hawkins on 07/30 01:22AM - Story - 1,937 Hits
What happens when you try to depict liquid swirling around 16 distinct points? One answer is “Cheshire Cat,” which was created by calculating imaginary flows over time until they became a fractal pattern. CNS Photo courtesy of Kerry MitchellRead the story
by Paramus Post on 12/29 11:46AM - Media Gallery - 1,252 Hits
16.Buying the ultimate gift for a photo buff
Digital cameras will be at the top of many holiday wish lists this year. And photo buffs everywhere want the ultimate camera: an SLR. But before you buy, research carefully. SLR (single lens reflex) cameras provide advanced controls. Shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted. And that's just the beginning.
by Kim Komando on 12/10 12:09AM - Story - 3,637 Hits
17.Long list of recalls is causing terror at the table
... - is decimating everything from our salads to our sandwiches. Now that a bowl of spring vegetables could lead to an autumn of intestinal distress, you're probably not calculating how many servings of leafy greens to incorporate into your meals. Instead, you probably want to know what not to eat.
by Anonymous on 10/23 12:50AM - Story - 3,784 Hits
18.Author has figured out likelihood of common and odd events
CHANCES ARE If you're like Roger Schlaifer, you don't just recoil in shock when you see a headline about a swimmer being attacked by a shark - you want to know what the odds are of something similar happening to you. "Getting hit by lightning, getting mugged on the street ...
by Anonymous on 03/25 01:04AM - Story - 2,633 Hits
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