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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Tuesday, January 19 2021 @ 10:46 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Tuesday, January 19 2021 @ 10:46 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.MaxLite Adds LED RKT Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit to DLC-Qualified Products List
... (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL), qualifying the kit for national utility rebates. Avoiding the removal of an existing recessed troffer from lay-in or T-grid ceiling cavities, the one-piece LED RKT Kit installs within the existing fixture with minimal modifications to the housing; it can be installed easily without opening up ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 07/25 07:06PM - Story - 1,493 Hits
2.New Jersey State Assembly Monday's Committees
Assembly Committee Highlights Cracking Down on Drunk Drivers Halting Unwanted Credit Card Soliciting Fluoridating Water Committees to also discuss economic crisis, digital television switchover Cracking down on repeat drunk drivers, protecting the mentally ill and senior citizens against unwanted credit card solicitations and taking a key step toward protecting New ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 02/06 03:44PM - Story - 1,146 Hits
3.Gift of Life in Vietnam
Here we are again—all of us filled with anticipation, a bit of anxiety, geered up and ready to go. To do what we have been called to do—do our part in saving the lives of poor children who live far from home. Last year it was Honduras, this year its ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 01/13 04:21PM - Story - 1,755 Hits
4.How to make the most of post-feast leftovers
LEFTOVER ACHIEVERS Thanksgiving dinner is the culmination of weeks of planning - of poring over recipes, tracking down allspice and chestnuts, plotting what goes in the oven when, and arranging place cards diplomatically on the table. But chances are you haven't given much thought to what happens immediately after your ...
by Anonymous on 11/10 01:45AM - Story - 2,560 Hits
5.Growing evidence shows that gum disease can be serious … even fatal
OPEN WIDE Once again, Mom was right. For years she hounded you to brush and floss regularly to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Little did she or anyone else know then that following her oral hygiene advice may also protect you from serious illness and disease. There's growing ...
by Anonymous on 08/06 01:28AM - Story - 9,871 Hits
6.New procedure helps sinus patients breathe easier
BREATHING EASIER For some, a stuffy nose and sinus pressure are just pesky side effects from seasonal allergies or the common cold. For others, however, they are chronic problems producing a steady stream of irritation and suffering. Cari Caughey was familiar with that painful reality. Caughey said for years she ...
by Anonymous on 01/15 12:29AM - Story - 3,516 Hits
7.Java's cup runneth over with health benefits
THE PERKS OF COFFEE If you think bitter-tasting wheatgrass juice or pungent herbal tea concoctions are your only healthy beverage choices, it's time to wake up and taste the coffee. A good ol' cup of joe or two may be just what the doctor ordered. Once believed to stunt growth, ...
by Anonymous on 08/01 07:51AM - Story - 4,705 Hits
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