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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Friday, April 16 2021 @ 06:10 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Friday, April 16 2021 @ 06:10 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.Ask the Expert: Regina Krel, M.D., of the Headache Center at Hackensack University Medical Center
Causes and Treatments of Headaches and Migraines June is migraine and headache awareness month.  Migraine affects more than 38 million Americans and is the third most common condition worldwide.  Despite such a vast number of sufferers, however, significant development of migraine treatment options continue to lag.
by Post on 05/22 08:59AM - Story - 470 Hits
2.Scientific Study Shows Milk with only the A2 Beta Casein Protein Type
Reduced Acute Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Milk Sensitive Participants Findings Announced as a2 Milk® Expands Distribution into the Northeast NEW YORK – February 12, 2018 - A double-blind, randomized, cross-over study, published in the UK-based, peer-reviewed Nutrition Journal, reported that consumption of milk containing only A2 beta casein protein type (sold ...
by Post on 02/12 12:31PM - Story - 855 Hits
3.Statement by Arthur E. Imperatore President & Founder, NY Waterway
Before the NJ TRANSIT Board of Directors December 13, 2017 I started the ferry in 1986 when no one thought it would work; it was known as Arthur’s Folly. In spite of no operating subsidies from NJ, our service caught on because of the certainty of departure and arrival and ...
by Post on 12/13 03:47PM - Story - 749 Hits
4.NJ Audubon Secures a Snowy Owl for Nationwide Banding Project
November 30, 2017 – Spotting a Snowy Owl is a rare occurrence in New Jersey. These birds spend most of their lives in the Arctic and only rarely fly this far south. But 2017 is becoming the year of the Snowy Owl in New Jersey, and New Jersey Audubon is ...
by Post on 12/02 10:05AM - Story - 810 Hits
5.OurBus to announce new commuter routes, locations will be chosen based on demand.
New York, NY – OurBus, Inc., a transit technology startup that allows riders to create their own demand-based bus routes, is looking for the next location in New Jersey that would benefit from shorter commuting times and cheaper prices.
by Post on 09/06 01:10PM - Story - 2,037 Hits
6.Announcing OurBus - Launching Direct Bus routes for NYC Commuters-saves up to an hour per day for riders
"We are disrupting an industry that hasn't changed in 80 years" New York, NY – Alix Abbamonte Public Relations is proud to announce OurBus, Inc. OurBus started a new express bus service between Kendal Park,  New Jersey and Midtown Manhattan that is saving up to an hour per day for commuters. OurBus is ...
by Post on 08/24 11:14AM - Story - 2,172 Hits
7.Online tools now free for Passaic businesses
Google’s Let’s put our Cities on the Map program makes it easy for Passaic businesses to grow PASSAIC, NJ – Today U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell is announcing a partnership with Google’s Let’s Put our Cities on the Map program in Passaic, which will help drive economic growth by giving Passaic ...
by Post on 05/10 12:40PM - Story - 2,282 Hits
8.Top tips to Improve Your Protein Intake
The world has gone health and fitness mad, with the desperation to create definition in every part of our bodies a complete obsession. But a huge part of this process is learning how to look after your muscles so that they can rebuild and become stronger... in turn 'bulk up' ...
by Angela Sanders on 04/17 08:10AM - Story - 4,046 Hits
9.Yorktel Inks Reseller Partnership w/ iRobot for Ava 500®, World’s First Autonomous Video Collaboration Robot for Enterprise
Industry Leading Solution Provider to Resell and Deliver Integration, Managed Services, Interoperability, and Multipoint Conferencing Yorktel (@Yorktelcorp), the worldwide leader in unified communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud, and video managed services, today announced that it is an official integrator and reseller of the iRobot Ava® 500, the first video collaboration ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 03/17 12:42PM - Story - 1,357 Hits
10.These Lifestyle Factors Could be Behind Cancer
Though it is believed that cancer is caused by abnormal changes inside the body, the fact is that these changes could be triggered by external factors, some of which are lifestyle related. Cancer researchers have found that 30% of all cancers are linked to lifestyle factors like tobacco, alcohol, obesity ...
by Angela Sanders on 02/26 01:33AM - Story - 2,870 Hits
11.MaxLite Expands LED Commercial Recessed Downlight Retrofits For Scalable Commercial Projects
Designed as scalable, energy-efficient lighting solutions for retrofit and new construction projects, MaxLite® expands its line of LED Commercial Recessed Downlight Retrofits to include six- and nine-inch replacements for up to 52-watt two-light fluorescent fixtures. These damp-listed retrofits deliver general light distribution in office buildings, hospitals and healthcare centers, schools ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 01/31 04:18PM - Story - 2,874 Hits
12.Retailers Appeal Flawed Credit Card Swipe Fee Settlement
The National Retail Federation today formally filed an appeal of a controversial antitrust lawsuit settlement covering credit card swipe fees, asking the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn a lower court’s ruling. NRF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mallory Duncan issued the following statement after the notice ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 01/03 07:34PM - Story - 1,181 Hits
13.Top Five Uses for a DVD Duplicator
DVD duplicators have come down significantly in price over the last few years, thanks to the popularity of new formats such as Blu-Ray and services such as iTunes and Google Play. That doesn’t mean, however, that DVDs have had their day. The format is still popular with consumers and businesses ...
by Angela Sanders on 12/20 05:35AM - Story - 1,523 Hits
14.Cooking Inspired: Bringing Creativity and Passion Back into the Kitchen
Food writer Estee Kafra’s new cookbook takes the best recipes from KosherScoop.com and puts them into one encompassing collection of classic and innovative Jewish recipes. Food websites have become favorite destinations for home cooks to review and share recipes and cooking tips. Kosher recipes are especially popular whether Jewish or ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 12/04 11:32AM - Story - 1,762 Hits
15.Sales Enablement: How Video and CRM Strategy Work Together
According to Forrester.com and their "Uncovering The Hidden Costs Of Sales Support" report, the definition of sales enablement is: “Sales enablement is a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at ...
by Angela Sanders on 11/20 02:34AM - Story - 2,623 Hits
16.David H. Nachman, Esq. To Speak At Garden State Council Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM)
David H. Nachman, Esq., one of the Managing Attorneys at Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C., a resident of Ridgewood, NJ, and an active member of the North Jersey/Rockland County Chapter of SHRM, will deliver a session at the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Conference entitled "The Image ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 10/21 03:32PM - Story - 914 Hits
17.MaxLite’s DesignLights Qualified BayMAX LED Linear High Bay Fixtures Offer Energy Savings for Industrial Lighting Applications
MaxLite®, a leading marketer and manufacturer of energy-efficient lamps and lighting fixtures, debuts its DesignLights Consortium® (DLC)-qualified BayMAX™ LED Linear High Bay Fixtures with A-B bi-level capabilities that offer LM-80-tested LED strips in a low profile rectangular high bay housing; dimming models are also available. The BayMAX fixtures replace T8 ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 10/09 03:09PM - Story - 1,783 Hits
18.Photo Scanning Service FotoBridge and Association of Personal Photo Organizers Announce Partnership
... analog photo collections is a first step in preserving, sharing and celebrating old and new memories in ways never before possible. However, figuring it all out and getting it done is a challenge. With such a critically important yet time-consuming undertaking who has the time and skills to even start?
by Mel Fabrikant on 08/13 02:52PM - Story - 1,779 Hits
19.Insider Information for the Incoming College Freshman:
Thirteen Things You Need to Know About College (But Probably Don’t) There’s no need to learn important lessons about being a college student the hard way. College professors Jeremy S. Hyman and Lynn F. Jacobs share thirteen things that will help new students adjust to—and succeed at—college
by Mel Fabrikant on 07/29 04:48PM - Story - 1,336 Hits
20.How to Take Years Off Your Home Without Adding Years To Your Face
~ Easy Design Fixes from Hunter Douglas ~ PEARL RIVER, N.Y., July 22, 2013 – Crow’s feet? Slather on wrinkle cream. Grey hairs? Get thee to a beauty salon. Pants a bit tight? Do more sit-ups! That’s how most of us react to beauty problems: We fix them…or at least ...
by Press Release on 07/29 08:13AM - Story - 1,424 Hits
21.MaxLite Saves University of Utah Almost $90,000 in Energy and Maintenance Costs
“We wanted to go LED because they last longer, but I didn’t think 18 flat panels in one classroom would be enough light. We were pleasantly surprised once they were installed, and everyone just loves them. The light is 75 percent better than before, and the products dim so well. ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 07/20 10:46AM - Story - 2,744 Hits
22.Dad And His Blackberry: Clever Father's Day Gift Wastes No Time
... using their Blackberrys, iPods, and iPhones. Yet, no matter how carefully packed or rolled, the earbud wires almost always come out a gnarly, knotted, time consuming, time wasting mess. For Father’s Day, a unique and different gift for Dads that use a headset is a clever device, the Earbud Yo-Yo. ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 06/04 06:25PM - Story - 830 Hits
23.The Verde Series Gu24 Led Direct Replacement Bulb Brings Brilliance And Beauty While Replacing 13w CFL
Introducing a new bulb that is highly energy efficient, provides loads of lumens, and is pleasant to behold. The Verde Series LED GU24 direct replacement lamp by American Illumination need not be hidden in today’s lighting designs (unlike the lamp it is replacing - the 13W compact fluorescent). Part of ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 06/03 12:59PM - Story - 1,294 Hits
24.A Difficult Bargain: How to Think About Plea Bargains If You’ve Been Falsely Accused of a Crime
If you have been falsely accused of committing a crime, you can expect to be offered a plea bargain at some point. Michelle Gesse tells you what you need to know about plea bargains as you face this difficult decision. Imagine that you’re facing the most brutal challenge of your ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 05/01 04:07PM - Story - 953 Hits
Consuming beneficial live bacteria can balance harmful digestive tract bacteria, experts say. CNS Illustration by Cristina Martinez Byvik.Read the story
by Paramus Post on 11/24 07:13PM - Media Gallery - 1,228 Hits
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