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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Friday, April 16 2021 @ 05:16 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Friday, April 16 2021 @ 05:16 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.Former New York City Renter Returns Home to Bergen County at The Atwater in Bogota
BOGOTA, NJ – A shift in priorities for urban renters during the COVID-19 pandemic is seemingly here to stay as young professionals and couples continue to rank larger apartments, access to outdoor space and a proximity to family and friends as top reasons to seek a new lifestyle in more ...
by Post on 04/14 08:54PM - Story - 1,463 Hits
2.Best Friends Animal Society Offers Tips, Resources for National Dog Bite Prevention Week
Dogs need help overcoming the effects of the past year of social isolation, added stress This week, April 11-17, is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and this year there are more reasons than ever to learn about preventing dog bites. From high-profile “nipping incidents” in the news, to the realization ...
by Post on 04/14 08:47AM - Story - 180 Hits
BURGER POP-UP COMING TO BERGENFIELD BUSINESS DISTRICT BERGENFIELD, NJ — eightytwenty smash, the burger pop-up from fine dining chef and Westwood resident Matthew Borgersen, is ready for their next event in Bergen County. It’s headed to Empanada Mania (62 South Washington Avenue, Bergenfield, NJ), which will be hosting the pop-up ...
by Post on 04/13 11:50AM - Story - 515 Hits
On Thursday, the Bergen County Food Security Task Force hosted its kickoff diaper distribution, providing 180,000 baby diapers and adult briefs to 38 local nonprofit organizations serving families in need. Each agency was provided with one month’s supply of diapers, and will receive direct deliveries for three additional months.
by Post on 03/27 02:26PM - Story - 1,690 Hits
, AND EMPATHY IN MANAGING CHANGE DURING PANDEMIC In this article by Professor Byron K. Hargrove, PhD, Professor of Social Sciences, Berkeley College Division of General Education, and Director, Berkeley College Honors Program, Hargrove writes about what he has learned teaching college students during the COVID-19 pandemic.
by Post on 03/23 03:36PM - Story - 314 Hits
6.Longtime Supporters Generously Commit $2.5 Million
to Benefit the Heart and Vascular Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Hackensack University Medical Center HACKENSACK, NJ – March 22, 2021 – Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation is pleased to announce that Sharon and Joseph L. Muscarelle Jr., have made a generous commitment of $2.5 million to benefit the Heart and Vascular ...
by Post on 03/23 03:30PM - Story - 507 Hits
NY Waterway riders will be able to reach customer service on WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular communications platforms. Any rider using WhatsApp can message NY Waterway at 201-988-0012 with requests ranging from information on service changes to reporting lost property.
by Post on 03/15 06:08PM - Story - 172 Hits
8.Hackensack Meridian Health Establishes Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation
Edison, NJ – March 11, 2021 – Hackensack Meridian Health, the largest, most comprehensive and integrated health care network in New Jersey, today announced the formation of Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation. The newly created foundation will serve as the parent organization for the network’s 10 community-based hospital foundations.
by Post on 03/13 12:03PM - Story - 716 Hits
9.Media Gallery
Having two anchors aboard gives you more options for anchoring. Read the story
by Post on 01/13 07:04PM - Media Gallery - 620 Hits
10.Gordon, Wagner & Eustace Call For Justice For Gabrielle Reuveni Who Was Killed By Man With History Of Trouble With Police
... Not one peep or effort is made by legislators to do something about the real criminals, the ones who are through the legal system repeatedly having committed heinous crimes. The ones who maim, murder, rape, steal, sell drugs, etc., over and over and over again. No this is a much ...
by Jorge dela Selva on 08/09 08:02PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
11.USA Today Magazine Features The Secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies (Romney & Wife Have Made
... The eternal is perfect; and this is God. Man has first to come into being, then to progress, and by progressing come to manhood, and having reached manhood to increase, and thus increasing to persevere, and persevering to be glorified, and thus see his Lord.” (Irenaeus in Henry Betteson, The ...
by Dwight Rogers on 07/20 05:43PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
12.USA Today Magazine Features The Secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies (Romney & Wife Have Made
... forward out of order, they will seem to be spoken against reason…” (The Recognitions of Clement/Book III/Chapter 24) Notice Peter’s reference to guarding secret things having to do with “my house.” This is a reference to the Temple and is very similar to what Joseph Smith taught: "It was the ...
by Dwight Rogers on 07/20 05:40PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
13.Having fun is part of the learning process at the 11th Annual Women’s Sail Convention
to be held on Saturday, June 2, in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Photo Credit: National Women’s Sailing Association Read the story
by Post on 05/03 12:17AM - Media Gallery - 622 Hits
14.2012 Bergen Benefactor Award Ceremony
The Foundation at Bergen Regional Medical Center is honoring John Cosgrove and Lucille A. Joel with the 2012 Bergen Benefactor Award. The award is an annual recognition of individuals who have enabled Bergen Regional Medical Center to continue its mission to educate the community about health issues, support educational programs ...
by on 03/12 12:00AM - evList - 3,676 Hits
15.Ex-Record & PR Exec to Help 10 Charities
On January 19 at The PictureSpa in Paramus, NJ, John Rosica will show for the first time his collection of Doodle Art.
by marilyn rosica on 01/19 12:00AM - evList - 3,149 Hits
16.BoatUS Foundation testers
found that having a lifting strap is a very important feature in a dog’s life jacket. Read the story
by Post on 08/18 11:34AM - Media Gallery - 597 Hits
18.Paerneting With Common Sense
by on 04/01 12:00AM - evList - 2,594 Hits
19."A Day of Victory!"
A FULL DAY of BLESSINGS! Wisdom in Health, Finances AND Relationships! Free Admission Featuring: Lisa Buldo, Holistic Nutrition Expert, Minister, Author & Speaker Frank Bolella, Sr., Pastor, Life Coach, and CEO of Excel to Success Special Guest Speaker, Nishaline Hines, Minister, Girls Plan Organization AND... a Special One Hour "Miracle/Healing ...
by Paramus Post on 04/17 12:00AM - evList - 3,018 Hits
20.Chanukah Family Day
Not available...
by Paramus Post on 12/13 12:00AM - evList - 856 Hits
22.Red Light, Green Light!
Learn about Garrett Morgan - the inventor of the traffic light! Grades K-4, registrration required with Paramus residents having priority.
by Paramus Post on 02/17 12:00AM - evList - 299 Hits
23.Italian Tenor at Paramus Library
Popular tenor Salvatore Chiarelli will perform "An Afternoon of Italian/Neapolitan Songs, Love Ballands, Musical Theater and More…" on Sunday, February 1 at 2:00pm at the Paramus Public Library.
by Paramus Post on 02/01 12:00AM - evList - 722 Hits
... a smoke-filled room with a fat man in a business suit, who wears a label that says: 'Hello, my name is MAJOR INDUSTRY.' He says: 'Nice non-greenhous-gas-influenced, human-activity-neutral, conclusions-of-leading-scientists-be-damned weather we're having.' Caption says: 'Small talk in between sessions at the White House Climate Conference.' Editorial cartoon by Mike Thompson.
by Paramus Post on 09/28 09:07AM - Media Gallery - 1,269 Hits
25.The detail person .. Elsie (Botwick) Kaufman
Elsie is lovingly known as \'The Nudge\'. She is the one who kept the records and insisted upon having all the documents. She did a fantastic job.
by Paramus Post on 05/06 10:55AM - Media Gallery - 698 Hits
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