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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Thursday, May 13 2021 @ 04:44 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Thursday, May 13 2021 @ 04:44 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.Kitten Season is Anything but Cute for Animal Shelters
... may sound cute to the general public causes a shudder every year among animal shelter staff across the country. “Kitten Season,” as it’s known in the animal welfare field, starts each spring and lasts through fall. Like the term implies, it’s the time of year when un-spayed female cats have most of their litters and animal shelters are inundated by orphaned kittens who need intensive care. 
by Post on 04/08 07:11PM - Story - 264 Hits
2.Englewood Public Library Holds “Healthy Eating With Raw Food Recipes” with Karen Ranzi
... – 8:45. Ranzi has been a leading expert in the field of nutrition and child development for more than 2 decades. Ranzi  is the author of the award winning book  Creating Healthy Children.  In the simpliest of terms a raw food diet includes eating fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
by Post on 01/02 02:39PM - Story - 2,053 Hits
3.2014 Is Key to Fighting Climate Change By Ned Helme
http://www.realclearenergy.org/articles/2013/12/16/2014_is_key_to_fighting_climate_change.html World leaders have been talking about the problem of climate change for years. But 2014 will determine whether serious money will finally be deployed to address it.
by Mel Fabrikant on 12/18 04:32PM - Story - 1,117 Hits
4.Ten Thousand Bucks: It’s Yours If Your Group Has the Best Idea for Safe and Clean Boating Outreach
Apply for a BoatUS Foundation Grassroots Grant Like the name it implies, the goal of the boater-funded BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is to educate boaters about safe and clean boating. Now, the Foundation is looking to fund Grassroots Grant projects that utilize new, innovative approaches that ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 10/21 04:22PM - Story - 972 Hits
5.Mind Over Money
BNZ weighs in on the role emotions play in financial decision making with EmotionScan. When it comes to money, most of us would like to believe that we are the rational and pragmatic masters of our finances. After all, who really wants to accept the notion that the state of ...
by Angela Sanders on 10/20 01:32AM - Story - 1,692 Hits
6.Mind Over Money
BNZ weighs in on the role emotions play in financial decision making with EmotionScan When it comes to money, most of us would like to believe that we are the rational and pragmatic masters of our finances. After all, who really wants to accept the notion that the state of ...
by Angela Sanders on 10/18 02:23AM - Story - 2,249 Hits
7.Buono Campaign: Christie Running From His Failed Economic Record
Buono for Governor Communications Director David Turner released the following statement in response to Governor Christie's new television advertisement: "Chris Christie is using the same, widely discredited attack because he simply cannot run on his record of economic failure. New Jersey has lost 12,000 jobs in the last two months ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 09/24 04:12PM - Story - 867 Hits
8.Snow to Reach I-95 Mid-Atlantic Sunday Night
AccuWeather.com reports the same storm forecast to bring a half a foot to a foot of snow from Denver to Dayton, Ohio, this weekend will reach part of the Atlantic coast Sunday night. The Palm Sunday weekend storm will mature over the Plains and Midwest but will still pack enough ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 03/24 03:58PM - Story - 1,215 Hits
9.Control Your Favorite Tunes Anytime, Anywhere With The Speaker Trio By bēm Wireless; A Three Speaker, Wireless System
... begins shipping the highly anticipated speaker trio. First unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, the speaker trio is exactly what the name implies: three speakers that share a wireless connection to its base. An audio product designed to enhance the user’s lifestyle, this speaker system brings pounding, ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 01/23 06:29PM - Story - 846 Hits
10.Guilty Until Proven Innocent: 12 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Being Falsely Accused
The scary part of this story is how easily it could happen to any one of us. Steven and Michelle Gesse thought that the small dinner party they hosted on the night of April 5, 2009, would be just that: an informal, pleasant gathering of neighbors over good food and ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 11/28 06:30PM - Story - 1,004 Hits
11.ECBC Launches New K7 Collection Of Backpacks And Messenger Bags With Tear-Proof Kodra Material
ECBC, an established designer and manufacturer of high quality, functional bags, introduces the K7 Series. The new line of lightweight backpacks and, messenger bags is constructed of Kodra – a scratch, puncture and tear proof materials. The collection is available today from EC-BC.com The K7 series offers commuters, travelers and ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 11/15 08:24PM - Story - 1,025 Hits
12.Guilty Until Proven Innocent: 12 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Being Falsely Accused
Until you’re accused of a crime, you may be blissfully ignorant of the fact that “innocent until proven guilty” is a myth. In reality, it’s the opposite. Michelle Gesse, whose husband lived the nightmare of being falsely accused of a felony, explains what all Americans need to know now about ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 08/02 09:34AM - Story - 1,020 Hits
13.Tetley Announces Winner of Nationwide Iced Tea Recipe Competition
... iced tea” recipe contest. And first place goes to: Minty Lemon Balm Sun-Iced Tetley Tea, by Jennifer Tidwell of Fair Oaks, California. As the name implies, the winning recipe adds natural, fresh ingredients like mint and lemon balm leaves for a refreshing, soothing flavor – and then harnesses the power ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 07/26 03:43PM - Story - 1,126 Hits
14.Veteran Meteorologist Brian Sussman: Global Warming's Reckless Rhetoric
Global Warming's Reckless Rhetoric - American Thinker By Brian Sussman A recent story at American Thinker revealed that an acclaimed environmental studies professor contends those who do not believe humans are causing global warming are mentally ill and need to be "treated."
by Mel Fabrikant on 04/16 08:14PM - Story - 2,767 Hits
15.Outdated Regulations Stifle N.J. Investment And Growth By John Harmon
John Harmon It is often said that good things take time. For several months, lawmakers in New Jersey have been considering reform bill S-2664, known as the Market Competition and Consumer Choice Act. The African-American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey and the National Black Chamber of Commerce support the ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 12/02 04:42PM - Story - 2,007 Hits
16.Save money and stay out of debt
[sanders:]Here you will learn how to save money on shopping, saving money on electricity bills and other utilities, how to save money on your credit card accounts and how to reduce spending in all areas. These methods can be used by anyone who is looking for ways to save money ...
by Angela Sanders on 08/17 09:59AM - Story - 3,487 Hits
17.The Family Vacationist
Everyone agrees that the national parks system is a treasury of great escapes from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But with the National Park Service overseeing 393 national parks as well as thousands of monuments, museums, historical sites and more, we wanted to help you narrow down your ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 06/01 08:32PM - Story - 1,170 Hits
18.Boaters and Swimmers at Pine Flat Lake Have New Life Jacket Rule
Increasing Federal Regulation for Many Boaters, Says BoatUS Jumping off your boat for a swim in Pine Flat Lake, California, without a life jacket? As of April 1, anyone found swimming more than 100 feet from shore without a life jacket – including boaters who routinely jump in to try ...
by Mel Fabrikant on 04/07 04:28PM - Story - 1,575 Hits
19.Weekly Meetings Don't Necessarily Improve Office Productivity
Employees could be given a break from reoccurring office meetings. When it comes to weekly gatherings, 45 percent of executives say their employees would maintain better productivity if these meetings were eliminated, according to a survey by OfficeTeam, a staffing service that questioned 150 executives.
by Amy Winter on 05/25 01:47PM - Story - 1,775 Hits
20.Patterned or Dark-Colored Ceilings Can Create a Cozy Atmosphere
Q: What happens if I put a darkish plaid wallpaper on the ceiling of my husband's study? It's his idea — he says he wants a "cozy" environment — but I've always heard that ceilings should only be white, unless you live in the Sistine Chapel. What do you advise? ...
by Rose Bennett Gilbert on 03/06 06:14AM - Story - 1,934 Hits
21.'The Art of Nandalal Bose' is first U.S. showcase for an Indian icon
INDIAN ICON During its days as a British colony, much of India's art history remained hidden. The rediscovery of historical work at archaeological sites beginning in the 1850s was a spur to surging pride in Indian culture. A young artist named Nandalal Bose was deeply affected by the time he ...
by Anonymous on 03/15 05:15AM - Story - 12,293 Hits
22.Reverse Osmosis Waters Are Ruining Your Own and Your Family’s Health !
This consumer welfare article is based chiefly on the public interest matter presented at the Press Club of Kanpur ( India ), some time back, under the aegis of CHEMISTRY FOR HUMANITY AND DIVINITY [ CHD ] ( a charitable / consumer society ), to which the author is closely ...
by G. S. JOHAR on 10/17 11:17AM - Story - 19,896 Hits
In its invitation to prospective viewers, television Preview implies it will show pilot episodes of potential TV shows. In fact, most of the shows were filmed a decade ago. The real objective is to gauge reaction to commercials. CNS Photo. Read the story
by Paramus Post on 06/26 11:10AM - Media Gallery - 878 Hits
24.Mike Ness wants to have a few words with you
MIKE NESS Attention, Social D. fans. When Mike Ness speaks in between songs - and rest assured, he will - listen. The Social Distortion frontman wants you to wake up and smell the Red Bull. "There seems to be a certain obliviousness to the political world," says Ness of the ...
by Anonymous on 06/01 01:34AM - Story - 3,536 Hits
25.Training can keep Fido from getting snakebit
GETTING RATTLED For Maxwell Smart, everything suddenly became a rattlesnake as he hopped over a stick, danced around a log and watched closely where he gingerly placed his oversized front paws. "He's got it," said Tracy Jenson-Presson, a world-class dog trainer and on this day teaching a snake-avoidance class for ...
by Anonymous on 05/21 01:04AM - Story - 2,457 Hits
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