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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Sunday, April 18 2021 @ 05:27 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Sunday, April 18 2021 @ 05:27 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.Best Friends Animal Society Offers Tips, Resources for National Dog Bite Prevention Week
Dogs need help overcoming the effects of the past year of social isolation, added stress This week, April 11-17, is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and this year there are more reasons than ever to learn about preventing dog bites. From high-profile “nipping incidents” in the news, to the realization ...
by Post on 04/14 08:47AM - Story - 226 Hits
2.Kitten Season is Anything but Cute for Animal Shelters
Best Friends Animal Society Offers Tips on How You Can Help What may sound cute to the general public causes a shudder every year among animal shelter staff across the country. “Kitten Season,” as it’s known in the animal welfare field, starts each spring and lasts through fall. Like the term implies, it’s the time of year when un-spayed female cats ...
by Post on 04/08 07:11PM - Story - 183 Hits
3.From Precious Puppy to Aggravating Adolescent
​Best Friends Animal Society Celebrates National Puppy Day, March 23, with  Advice to Make Your New Pandemic Pup a Fantastic Family Member They’re fluffy, floppy and adorable. Their tiny toes are tender, pink and perfect. Even their breath smells magical. Seriously, what’s not to love about puppies?
by Post on 03/18 05:00PM - Story - 897 Hits
4.March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month Keep Your Pets Safe with Tips from Best Friends Animal Society
Watching your dog or cat get sick from toxic items or poison is a nightmare for any pet owner. Symptoms of poisoning can be especially traumatic, ranging from seizures and vomiting to nosebleeds and diarrhea.
by Post on 03/03 11:12AM - Story - 355 Hits
5.Single but can't mingle? 14 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your pet
Valentine’s Day is hard enough for singles, but with COVID-19 and quarantining, finding a date for the big day isn’t just difficult, it’s downright dangerous. However, if you have a pet at home, all is not lost. Your dog or cat isn’t just content to spend this holiday with you—they just happen to be some ...
by Post on 02/09 03:48PM - Story - 334 Hits
6.February is for Felines: Best Friends Animal Society Offers Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy During National Cat Health Month
They are the purr that heals, the curtain ninja that entertains, the in-house Zen master. They are the cats we invite into our homes and in February the spotlight is on their well-being during National Cat Health Month. 
by Post on 02/04 02:35PM - Story - 368 Hits
7.Best Friends Animal Society Offers 9 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During the First COVID-19 Holiday Season
... year’s holiday season may be quieter than usual. Gone are the guests, but there are still plenty of seasonal things that can be troublesome for your pets. Human holiday traditions such as food, decorations and plants that may seem harmless can be dangerous and even life-threatening to dogs and cats.
by Post on 12/08 10:25PM - Story - 395 Hits
Please take a look at the variety of programs offered for preschool children in our November/December Fall II session.  Registration is now available.
by Post on 10/24 04:40PM - Story - 510 Hits
The Nation’s Leading Doggy Day Care & Boarding Provider Celebrates the Grand Opening of New Rockaway Camp Bow Wow Location Rockaway, NJ (Oct. 4, 2019) – Camp Bow Wow®, the Premier Doggy Day and Overnight Camp®, is excited to announce the opening of its newest Camp located at 428 US-46, ...
by Post on 10/20 08:29AM - Story - 314 Hits
10.Helff Hall Dedicated in Memory of Veterinary Technology Student
PARAMUS, N.J. – When Suzanne M. Helff returned to Bergen Community College in 1997 after taking time away to raise her daughter, she decided to pursue a degree related to a lifelong passion: the care of animals. Tragically, Helff never completed her studies in the institution’s veterinary technology program, passing ...
by Post on 10/09 02:17PM - Story - 348 Hits
11.Oradell K-9 Karnival 2014
Oradell K-9 Karnival: Vendors! Tail Waggin' Fun! Poochie Parade! Adoption/Rescue! Great food and lot of games/activities for the K-9 & kids.
by Dorith Finkelstein on 04/27 12:00AM - evList - 4,170 Hits
12.Animal Care of Oradell Open House
Not available...
by Dorith Finkelstein on 10/20 12:00AM - evList - 1,647 Hits
13.Oradell Family Day 2013
Not available...
by Dorith Finkelstein on 09/22 12:00AM - evList - 2,466 Hits
14.Pet Adoptions at Petsmart
Adopt Puppies or Dogs Rescued from North Carolina high kill shelter. Pets shown at Petsmart Paramus Saturdays 3:30-7:30pm
by on 08/31 12:00AM - evList - 196,597 Hits
15.Dos Cubanos Restaurant: Classy Live Cuban Music and Delicious Food to match
... different? Our bass is not electric, it is Upright Acoustic. There is no piano, only a tradtional Cuban Guitar or Cuatro. There are no loud trumpets or trombones, only a VIOLIN and the occasional flute. There are no Timbales, just CONGA and BONGO. Why is this important? It must be ...
by on 06/06 12:00AM - evList - 3,140 Hits
16.Media Gallery
Allendale Community resident, Carmela Tazza, bonds with a new Shih Tzu friend at a past visit by the Ther-Happy Pets. The program is part of the 4-H Club of Bergen County and includes many different small animals, such as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters. The program provides many therapeutic benefits ...
by Post on 12/17 05:58PM - Media Gallery - 534 Hits
17.B.A.R.K. Pet Adoptions
Adopt Puppies or Dogs Rescued from North Carolina high kill shelter. Pets shown at Petsmart Paramus Saturdays 3:30-7:30pm
by on 08/13 12:00AM - evList - 903,800 Hits
Pet Adoption at Petsmart
by on 07/25 12:00AM - evList - 944 Hits
19.Paws in the Park
Is your dog longing for a social life? Take him out on the town with Paws in the Park!
by RakerGoldstein on 10/17 12:00AM - evList - 956 Hits
20.Paws In The Park
Is your dog longing for a social life? Take him out on the town with Paws In The Park.
by RakerGoldstein on 09/19 12:00AM - evList - 281 Hits
21.Media Gallery
Charlie Toker on keyboard, Barry Glick on accordion, Mike Muray on trombone ( Three members of the 17 North Band at Trumpets) Read the story
by Post on 01/01 12:13PM - Media Gallery - 713 Hits
22."Fun on a String"
... on a String" a fun holiday event for children ages 4 to grade 4 on Monday, December 28 at 2pm. This cabaret show incorporates hand puppets, hand-and-rod puppets, marionettes and object theater in an interactive variety show. For Paramus residents only. Register in person or by calling 201/599-1309. The Paramus ...
by Donna Perkosky on 12/28 12:00AM - evList - 545 Hits
PAWS volunteer Barbie Brand (right) pets Lady and Princess in the kitchen as she delivers food to Barbara Williams (left). With 100 people on its waiting list, the group is always looking for more volunteers. CNS Photo by Peggy Peattie. Read the story
by Paramus Post on 11/16 12:08PM - Media Gallery - 784 Hits
24.Media Gallery
Outdoor fabrics, which can live handsomely indoors as well, help keep a home fresh despite kids, pizza and pets. Photo courtesy of Sunbrella. Read the story
by Paramus Post on 06/21 11:14PM - Media Gallery - 1,155 Hits
Angie McDonald pets a beluga whale as part of SeaWorld's Wild Arctic Interaction program in San Diego. CNS Photo by Nelvin Cepeda. Read the story
by Paramus Post on 05/24 09:19PM - Media Gallery - 1,248 Hits
Pets have phobias similar to those of their owners. Among the most common are their fears of loud noises such as thunderstorms and being separated from their owners. Another is the dislike of being alone. CNS Illustration by Eri Hashimoto. Read the story
by Paramus Post on 07/13 04:12PM - Media Gallery - 1,329 Hits
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