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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, December 05 2020 @ 08:11 PM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, December 05 2020 @ 08:11 PM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

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1.Lunchbox’s Snack and Sling Packs, Launching on Kickstarter
Never Leave Home Without the Essentials, Carry Them Securely with Lunchbox’s Snack and Sling Packs, Launching on Kickstarter Piggybacking off the success of their flagship product, the lunchbox hydration pack, the team is launching Snack and Sling Packs to give people a secure way to carry the essentials anywhere.
by Post on 11/17 11:35AM - Story - 232 Hits
2.Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey celebrate 40th anniversary of Women of Achievement gala with virtual event
RIVERDALE, September 16, 2020 — Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey celebrated the 40th anniversary of its Annual Women of Achievement gala virtually on Wednesday, September 16, to raise dollars to expand the reach and impact of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in northern New Jersey.
by Post on 10/16 08:56PM - Story - 283 Hits
3.Navigating Nutrition: 5 Ideas for Healthy, Easy School Lunches and Snacks at Home
Don’t Let ‘School’ Lunch Stress You Out: Tips and Ideas from Brainly's Parenting Expert By now, many parents and kids have accepted they will be taking part in distance or hybrid learning at least for the short-term. Having nutritious ready-made foods in the fridge will increase the amount of time (and focus/energy) ...
by Post on 09/11 05:31PM - Story - 428 Hits
4.The County of Bergen in Partnership with Bergen New Bridge Medical Center Set to Resume
Community Mobile COVID-19 Testing Program Expanded program to include Bergen County public schools, community testing, and flu vaccinations (Paramus, N.J.) The County of Bergen, in collaboration with Bergen New Bridge Medical Center will resume COVID-19 mobile testing in September with several enhancements including the expansion of the program to include ...
by Post on 09/03 06:09PM - Story - 396 Hits
5.Bergen Moves Most Classes Online, Freezes Tuition
Most Bergen students will continue learning online in the fall. PARAMUS, N.J. – As New Jersey’s largest community college, with approximately 15,000 students, faculty, staff and community members visiting its main campus each day, Bergen Community College has transitioned most of its fall schedule to remote online learning in the ...
by Post on 07/08 07:31PM - Story - 425 Hits
6.Building Video Games and Learning? Code Ninjas to Debut in Saddle Brook to Teach Kids Coding in a Cool Way
New Code Ninjas Center Focuses on Building Video Games, Robotics, Drones, and other STEM Activities  
by Post on 06/27 11:48AM - Story - 567 Hits
7.Hackensack Riverkeeper Paddles Out In Solidarity
Joins worldwide environmental justice effort Secaucus, NJ – On Friday, June 5, Hackensack Riverkeeper joined hundreds of environmental justice groups around the world for Solidarity In Surf. Organized in Senegal, West Africa by Black Girls Surf, an empowerment and development surf camp for Senegalese girls seeking to pursue professional surfing, the collaborative event was both ...
by Post on 06/10 04:57PM - Story - 502 Hits
8.Cure Breast Cancer Foundation Supports The Memorial Sloan Kettering Employee Relief Fund
CLIFTON, NJ, -- In these challenging times, the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) acknowledges that the excellent care Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) patients receive each day depends upon the availability of trained and skilled support staff to assist, care for and comfort patients. The same holds true for ...
by Post on 04/21 06:15PM - Story - 1,942 Hits
FOR COPING DURING THE CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Students across the nation and the world have begun to adjust their lifestyles in accordance with new circumstances presented by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. College students are striving to complete academic assignments, transition to online courses, relocate home or stay put, sometimes in ...
by Post on 03/24 10:37PM - Story - 471 Hits
10.Share the Spirit of Giving Locally During the Holiday Season and Throughout the Year
... urge to reach out to others in need and lend them a helping hand.  This is a common reaction to reflect on our own circumstances and realize how fortunate we are.  In a season that conveys the 'spirit of giving', people feel motivated to share our good fortune with others.
by Post on 12/09 07:07AM - Story - 570 Hits
11.Building Video Games and Learning? Code Ninjas to Debut in Midland Park to Teach Kids Coding in a Cool Way
Code Ninjas Center Opens Sept. 28 and Focuses on Building Video Games, Robotics, Drones, and other STEM Activities MIDLAND PARK, N.J. (Sept. 25, 2019) – Say the words, “video game” and your kids are bound to stop and listen. The local owners of a new Code Ninjas, a learning center ...
by Post on 10/25 09:17PM - Story - 646 Hits
12.Bergen County American Dream Program Honors First Time Homebuyers
Hackensack, NJ - On October 10, 2019, the Bergen County Division of Community Development honored 25 families of Bergen County residents who successfully purchased a new home after completing the American Dream First Time Home Buyer Program during the past year.
by Post on 10/20 08:26AM - Story - 351 Hits
13.TV Show Captures Prof.’s Final Teachable Moment
PARAMUS, N.J. – On her last day of teaching before retirement, Bergen Community College Professor Elin Schikler met colleague and fellow professor Andy Krikun, Ph.D., for breakfast at a local diner. They didn’t plan on television cameras capturing it.
by Post on 10/20 08:21AM - Story - 340 Hits
14.The Real Thing: Students Become Coca-Cola Scholars
PARAMUS, N.J. – Bergen Community College students Elijah (Eli) Master, Kristine (Kris) Amels and Natalija LaPorta are three of the 207 Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members nationwide to earn the $1,000 2019 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise scholarship.
by Post on 09/01 12:49PM - Story - 189 Hits
Purelements and Brown Bike Girl are Changing the Narrative about East Brooklyn with Yearly Ride that Brings Neighbors Together to Explore Bike Destinations in the Neighborhood
by Post on 07/18 04:38PM - Story - 314 Hits
16.Apartments Reveal Impressive Buoyancy at Midyear with Gebroe-Hammer Sales of $820+M in Q1 & Q2 2019
Firm Arranges 65 Deals to Date on behalf of Institutional Investors and Private Individuals Livingston, N.J., July 15, 2019 – The apartment market revealed its impressive buoyancy in the first half of 2019, during which time nationally ranked investment brokerage firm Gebroe-Hammer Associates is reporting $820+M in multi-family sales encompassing ...
by Post on 07/16 12:31PM - Story - 253 Hits
17.New Jersey Honors Refugees to Mark the State’s First World Refugee Day
(ELIZABETH) - The New Jersey Office for Refugees and the New Jersey Department of Human Services on Thursday commemorated World Refugee Day by highlighting the strengths and contributions refugees bring to New Jersey.
by Post on 06/21 09:10AM - Story - 471 Hits
18.Protest Outside Heartland Institute Conference in Chicago
... reason that NONE of you in the liberal NE have ever bothered to research any of this for a single moment. If you did, you'd realize that you'd been sold a bill of goods.....politics masqerading as science. The science is clear - this is no major threat to humanity, species, ...
by Carbonicus Carbonicus on 05/22 02:07PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
19.Author, Scholar and Bergen County Native Peter Balakian Speaks at Bergen, Oct. 8
... to consider them. They seem to have liked the label of ‘a victim’ and do not want to lose it; or do not want to realize that the Turks were also victims. Is it just a coincidence that while Armenian population is continually decreasing due to external migration of the ...
by zekiye icli on 09/29 10:44AM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
20.Walk With Your Feet, Help With Your Heart B
On Sunday, September 13, 2009, The Friendship Circle is holding its 3rd annual Friendship Walk, a 5K charity walk and community fair to raise awareness for local children with special needs.
by Paramus Post on 09/13 12:00AM - evList - 638 Hits
21.A-Mano is a disappointment to those wanting authentic italian pizza
Excuse me. I thought this was a consumer site. I didn't realize that people who are obviously highly protective of the A Mano restaurant were going to shut down public opinon so sharply. Get a life!
by Anonymous on 06/23 05:35PM - Story > Comment - 0 Hits
Working in combination, human senses add up to a whole lot more than most of us realize or appreciate. CNS Illustration by Christina Martinez Byvik.Read the story
by Paramus Post on 04/27 05:27PM - Media Gallery - 911 Hits
Guitarist and singer Eric Clapton says he recently realized a long-held musical dream by recording \'The Road to Escondido\' with J.J. Cale. CNS Photo.Read the story
by Paramus Post on 03/07 09:28AM - Media Gallery - 1,222 Hits
24.Chakra Restaurant Comedy Show
Chakra, the award winning Paramus, NJ restaurant, presents 3 hilarious award winning comedians for the on Sunday May 20th. 2011 Lower Hudson Valley's Funniest Person, Regina DeCiccio, Gilda's Club Laff Off winner, Robin Fox and John McClellan, winner of the Seattle International Comedy Competition and has appeared on Bravo's “Millionaire ...
by on 12/31 07:00PM - evList - 987 Hits
25.Five Women Wearing the Same Dress by Alan Ball
A Dark Comedy by Oscar, Emmy & Golden Globe Winner Alan Ball
by Anonymous on 12/31 07:00PM - evList - 4 Hits
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